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STRONGEST Soldier in Army Gym - Diamond Ott | Muscle Madness

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Text Comments (3936)
alireza hudson (40 minutes ago)
1000 horsepower
Edris Rahimi (47 minutes ago)
How tall is he?
Body Builder (1 hour ago)
Glad he’s on our side lol
crimescene25 (2 hours ago)
I was impressed until i saw dips being done. Literally the WORSE exercise you can do for not injuring yourself/doing perm damage to your shoulders/rotater cuffs
F*CK THE WORLD (2 hours ago)
Meanwhile, his wife is probably at home fucking his nextdoor neighbor while he's gone.
School (3 hours ago)
"Part time service full time gains" i lile that quote, my quote now
Tankado (3 hours ago)
I am much, much stronger
GamerGator (3 hours ago)
All this to get shot by a nigga in flip flops and a turban
Sofi Effendy (4 hours ago)
Super army
Cravez IV (4 hours ago)
surprising how good those movements are and practical
bdemar2k12 (4 hours ago)
who tf trains in their fatigues
belthize (4 hours ago)
0:30 sure once DARPA turns off gravity anyone can do that.
Knap (6 hours ago)
Poor guy, can't even afford to wear proper shoes when he goes to a gym... :(
Tall_Midget (7 hours ago)
dont know why he wastes his talent in the army though?
Three Zero Man (8 hours ago)
JD (8 hours ago)
Pfff I did that sort of stuff in the womb
Basit Nizam (9 hours ago)
I have read so many comments "it only takes one bullet to end all" bullshit. The people commenting should be shot In their balls and they should be over.
5.45 его успокоит, если что
Florian Conrad (11 hours ago)
extrem cool
LeaksPureAwesome (12 hours ago)
Fun fact: This is the DooM-Slayer before he was sent off to Mars.
Jerry Phillips (12 hours ago)
I'm 52 and still look amazing with a six pack and guns. It just comes down to consistency. I have always been an athlete and never went too long without working out. This guy obviously works out a lot but it only takes the average person about an hour a day for 3 days a week. After a couple of months you will see results. If you continue for years you can definitely look like this guy if you choose to.
Karma Vagus (13 hours ago)
How much of a wanker do you need to be to rock up to the gym in full army fatigue. 'Hey everyone Im in the army!!!'......yes we call all see that's a big thrill for you, congratulations on that.
Adrian Amancae (14 hours ago)
Imagine you hop in the enemy trench and this dude is right in front of you
Adam Van Raalte (14 hours ago)
*It takes only one bullet. And all the workout is gone for good. Unfortunately.*
jefrey vasquez (5 hours ago)
Yeah but at least he got to live his life doing what he loves (atleast what I assume lol) and thats working out. It's clear the guy enjoys working out. The determination and strength reflects that
iiOmq Unknown (6 hours ago)
Adam Van Raalte probably gonna take 100 bullets to go through this mans body
nathan painter (14 hours ago)
If I saw this in my gym, I'd just leave
Mario Castro Vazquez (14 hours ago)
Ese si es entrenamiento no estarse viendo en el puto edpejo
nvmffs (16 hours ago)
4:14 That's retarded. It's actually helping him. Guess he's not strong enough to do regular ones
I'm not strong enough to do regular ones. How can I improve? And please don't flat out say - Do More. Explain.
nvmffs (6 hours ago)
+Bennie Harper You're bad at assuming. Don't do it. I'm in the gym 6 days/week and do this exercise in a couple different ways. I've used a band too to make it harder and I can tell you you're supposed to wrap it around something and then stretch it on the way back to the starting position. The way he does it, the only resistance it causes is negated by gravity/his bodyweight.
Bennie Harper (7 hours ago)
nvmffs umm no. It’s causing resistance as he rolls out. You would know this if you actually went to the gym and not sat behind a keyboard all day
Zachary Hunt (16 hours ago)
Look up Marine Corps coffin bearers, he's on par with them
Ultimatum (16 hours ago)
We all know he passes all the PT Tests😂😂
J (17 hours ago)
I can do more pull ups than him, upvote if you want to see.
Adam Muise (17 hours ago)
Matias abarca (18 hours ago)
Mis entrenamientos son maricas al lado de este gran hombre! wow
R MJ (18 hours ago)
Gets killed with a .22
Gustavo Hernández (20 hours ago)
Dwayne Johnson left the chat.
Joseph Johannes (20 hours ago)
Great job soldier
Tuvesky (20 hours ago)
This guy doesn't need the Super Soldier Serum
Brooklynniggs_ FoLife (20 hours ago)
When it comes to this guy wtf is gravity it doesn’t exist for him when he does pull ups
Sirgromulus (20 hours ago)
Functional strength.....impressive.
J O (21 hours ago)
Insanely physically gifted soldier v 5’4 100lbs guy with pistol
BoB (21 hours ago)
imagine him just dying to a noob :'(
Script_ (21 hours ago)
And yet he’d get shot by a guy who looks like Jimmy Neutron
samm s (22 hours ago)
wait so he turned up in his gym casually in army attire...to show off?
Bennie Harper (7 hours ago)
samm s Well it’s an army Gym so I’d assume he did it because he can
samm s (22 hours ago)
i wonder how he perform on bed.....wink wink..lol
Alex Larson (23 hours ago)
These kinds of guys are the reason we created guns...
ZSHIII& H (23 hours ago)
What if this soldier was your bodyguard 😂
Bob Gandalf (1 day ago)
He’s still going to die in one shot
L T (1 day ago)
I can do 20 push ups
andrewyeow1998 (1 day ago)
The real captain america
XSirApocalypseX (1 day ago)
1:00 What is this shit? Crossfit pull-ups? At 4:40, are these 2 American Drill-Sergeants!? 6:50 Misuse of that machine! Wow, 3 American Drill-Sergeants at 12:20!!! Yes Sir! Yes Sir!
Kevin (1 day ago)
5:55 how did he manage to hold the dumbbell like that..that is insane..damn..he is a war machine
s (1 day ago)
He will be great at selling lawnmowers at Sears after he gets out...
William Hendrix (1 day ago)
good lifts. is he required to wear that gear though? I was just waiting for his pants to rip. lol
R MD (1 day ago)
Niuean Laho (1 day ago)
This soldier is a cyborg..............
Andrés Ledesma (1 day ago)
Frig (1 day ago)
Damn id want this guy at my side on the battlefield
Dwayne Davis (1 day ago)
Easton Stone (1 day ago)
Being a 6'1, 150lb guy... I cant even imagine the amount of power this dude has
Saucy Spaghetti (1 day ago)
He is definitely not a real solider, because your not supposed to train in your gear so he is fake
I'm Just A Mall Cop (1 day ago)
He is. The only reason he is in uniform or wearing kevlar at certain points is because the editorial staff for muscle madness wanted him to be for photo's and etc.
Taha Kadhum (1 day ago)
In some of these clips he is wearing kevlar
Will Key (1 day ago)
If his real name is diamond cool if he named himself that mmmmmm anyone who names themselves diamond?kinda arrogant and just wierd
Kenneth James (1 day ago)
Kenneth James (1 day ago)
That dudes out of control!
masterwaylon (1 day ago)
Hey look a real man
Estoy adelgazando solo con verlo
Asta-chan (1 day ago)
I lost 15 kilos just watching the video
William Wallace (1 day ago)
Damn!!! This dude got some strength
UnifiedCodeTheory (1 day ago)
This guy could one-inch-punch you unconscious with his pinky finger while under water.
Jamil Brown (1 day ago)
Why the hell did he join the Army if he's this capable. Should have been a Marine. Or better yet a Seal.
Julio M (1 day ago)
Machine! hooahh!
comeonyougotnerves (1 day ago)
I needed two protein shakes after this.
Izzayaih (1 day ago)
when people say maximum functional strength they mean diamond ott
Mid28 (1 day ago)
So much hitbox
Blindjager (1 day ago)
i would legit laugh if a saw guy doing stuff like this in the gym.
Brandon Yellowrobe (1 day ago)
imagine you meet you''re girlfriends parents. And this man is her dad.
rease connor (1 day ago)
Ig7711 (1 day ago)
Интересно, будто и чем он питается?! Откуда такая выносливость, энергия и мочь! Да он сука даже не взмок!!
01worldguy01 (1 day ago)
I see the variety of exercise he put in it so it is not boring after a while ...great man
Minority Nomad (1 day ago)
This guys started working out in the womb. lol. This is that Little Hercules kid all grown up.
Ali Al-iraqi (2 days ago)
with all of this , one bullet can finsh them
zZoKo (2 days ago)
he must split his gf in half like a log
Mjholl YT (2 days ago)
KabzHD (2 days ago)
He’s strong but let me tell you now, he is nowhere near the strongest
Maximus 32 (2 days ago)
Maybe he was Gymnastics
Nice one (2 days ago)
He is an Machine
rexonwheels (2 days ago)
any n everybody can train strength , calisthenics etc just gotta commit, use to do these things all th time not really a big deal unless u never seen it i guess idk he is strong tho but not nothing unusual just saying but mad props to him...i was 165 n dipped with 2 plates n a dime on soo now 157been out of it for yrs n can still do it also now im older i realized all that does is hurt u in the long run joints n shit really start to go feels good now but yrs down the road not so much ppl pls stop taking supplements n just be active all u gotta go body weight is best weights ok but not heavy n never have to go to failure its not good for u trust me
Wycliffe agweywa (2 days ago)
i like that coz i do so ......
Luke Bickford (2 days ago)
wow he must eat like a whole box of wheaties in the morninh
Riddhi Shembekar (2 days ago)
which is the 1st song?
hi itsme (2 days ago)
one bullet is all it takes.
NoTubeer (2 days ago)
This glitch will be patched next week!
Lennard Neumann (2 days ago)
lol sollten nicht alle soldaten so sein eigendlich?
MAKIN HOLE05 (2 days ago)
Soldier of fortune
Weedus (2 days ago)
Damn that Guy is hardcore... and i like that all his training makes sense in some combat enviroment... that Guy could probably climb up a Streetlight and jump trough some 3th Floor Window in 3 Seconds
Nardo Colone (2 days ago)
1 punch from this beast, u died.
A C (2 days ago)
Top 10 U.S Army’s most powerful weapons
Pierce Knight (2 days ago)
*drill sergeant has left the chat*
Si mon (2 days ago)
imagine what where the world would be if everyone put this much energy into world peace.
Non Existent (2 days ago)
this is on another level
omid zaher (2 days ago)
This dude gotta go and be an arm wrestler. He got a strong arm!

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