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Brylan Webb (2 hours ago)
Nicolette: I wanted this for like 2 weeks so I bought it Me: I have been wanting this for 2 years so I saved up and bought it
Brylan Webb (3 hours ago)
I don’t know what luxury receipts come in because I’m broke so thank you so much for educating me 🙄😤🙄
Brylan Webb (3 hours ago)
Me:$1,100 I could put 3/4 of it in my savings for college and the other for something I really want. Nicolette: I could go buy a cheap designer backpack🙄 or a tee-shirt dress so when I’m feeling lazy Me: Sister Dead, Sister rolled over in the grave. SISTER SHOOK🍵🍵
Guap Man (1 day ago)
Damn people really hate her
Deja tutorials (2 days ago)
...”I just wanted both of them so I was like GET BOTH” ME in my head:EXPENSIVE EXPENSIVE EXPENSIVE!!!!!!FOR SOME BACKPACKS 😵 ALL THAT MONEY 💸💸💸 awayyy from DAT BANK ACCOUNT
Squidwardy 69 (2 days ago)
she does not do a job or work
saima Khalid (2 days ago)
Seriously nicolette you think 1100$ is CHEAP!!! Have some respect for money
Jessi romero (3 days ago)
Ok but her mom is a dentist on Beverly Hills so she’s still at the bottom of millionaires list she’s probably In lower upper class but she thinks she’s in the higher upper class lol 😂 not even Jeffrey star cares that much about bags
Jody Giles (4 days ago)
And Ewwww I don’t even like samples!! Omg only PEASANTS use samples !!!
Mackenzie Andres (4 days ago)
Who needs/wants that many bags? I literally have 2 bags and one was free
it's jass (6 days ago)
I don't like this person like you do ti much🤯
M WDW (6 days ago)
if i was kicked out of my house i'd probably never live to see a designer thing...
Sara Bustos (7 days ago)
Like si no le entiendes pero sigues viendo el video
pasta slut (8 days ago)
this girl is so shallow i actually feel bad for her
aleyna 124 (8 days ago)
What makes nicolette happy: Balenciagas Me: getting 10 bugs more expensive shoes than usual
E (8 days ago)
she doesn´t deserve to be rich
Cassidy Roberts (9 days ago)
i reeaallyy want to know what her mom does
Madaid Obeso (10 days ago)
Yo 35,000 is just a number to me
Emma Beebe (11 days ago)
While reading these comments Nicollet chokes on her Fiji water 😂
Emma Beebe (11 days ago)
Vans are my luxury shoes 👌
Chatty kathy (11 days ago)
Madison Hagigal (11 days ago)
Trust me when yall start making a certain amount of money you do shit like this🙃
Gacha Creator (12 days ago)
Her: Taps on the cup so hard. The cup: Ahh ahh it hurts. Stop it. Her: keeps tapping.
Evie Charlton (12 days ago)
No wonder you Mam kicked you out you spent £35,000 AND YOUR SAYING SHE FELT BAD YOU SEEM A PAIN and spoilt
Selina Fuller (12 days ago)
VIDEO SUGGESTION: reading hate comments
Kathy Jaimes (13 days ago)
Why does she look like an antelope......... like a lot.
Emerson MacKenzie (13 days ago)
"It's like $2 190.00 so like, that's really affordable"
Kawaii Gamer (13 days ago)
Wtf she got 2 ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME gucci backpacks, only the first one has bumblebees and the other one doesn't???!!!!
Abraham Selleck (14 days ago)
envidia de muchos😂😂 ...i love you Nicolette
Sarah Gratton (14 days ago)
Macey Davis (14 days ago)
Did she seriously just say that Gucci ain’t expensive
camila peñuelas (15 days ago)
Qué presumida
selio140 - (16 days ago)
lol she probably bought that purse from her moms money
Betty E (16 days ago)
Did I just hear her say $2000 for a fucking bag is very affordable? Sorry I understand some people have extream amounts of money but how can you be so small minded
mgob27 (16 days ago)
Hi, Im from the Philippines, a fan of Nicolette and Blaire .. Pls support, watch, subscribe to Nish & Nash channel, 2 sisters too, and here is one of their videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtVwVkA9ZmA&t=22s.
Halo Dear (17 days ago)
All the handbags look the same.. I mean what's the point
Erich R (17 days ago)
Shaq spent $70k at Walmart in one night once. Now that's a shopping spree haha.
Hey Nona (17 days ago)
mainin rambut mulu lo nurjanah
Aisha Palakasi (17 days ago)
She's so clueless that she won't be able to bring all these when she dies. 🤦🏻‍♀️
maricar daroy (18 days ago)
When you’re so rich but can’t afford class.
maricar daroy (18 days ago)
If I ever become rich someday when I get my own job or maybe put up my own business, I wish I never change. I would never want to be like her.
Shi Shi (18 days ago)
The YSL bags are so cute
Unicorn Sparkle (19 days ago)
I feel like she was just bragging the whole video Who agrees?? 👇🏻
marry _ may (19 days ago)
41k likes and 41k dislikes Dude tf
Rida Zahedi (20 days ago)
I adore you Nicolette, keep going!!
lopen nhioloipi (19 days ago)
Rida Zahedi u adore her conspicuous consumption? Ok that’s not really a personality trait
ofmoonlightandstardust (20 days ago)
So much stuff but so dead inside...the beginning really got me worried
aestheticallyamess (20 days ago)
I lost a few brain cells by watching this.... Honestly she’s so conceited and vain
Taehyung's future wife (21 days ago)
4:20 this reminded me about 7 rings Yeah girl Love that bag
Hankster (21 days ago)
Whos this dumb girl?
Arbeta Tzabafti (21 days ago)
She got more than 6 handbags and they were completely the same
Keith Cocoy KiKo (21 days ago)
1,100$ when converted to peso is 55,000 pesos. In one month, I can pay my bills, eat whatever my family wants for a month, go shopping and grocery, pay for laundry with all the transportation. And I think that is NOT CHEAP. Fyi: Average Filipino workers only earns 15,000 pesos a month.
Tee Bee (21 days ago)
Oh my, who is going to tell her all those black bags look the same?
lopen nhioloipi (19 days ago)
Tee Bee yea honestly it’s sad how she spent all this money and her only description for the items is “it’s so cute” like nothing about the design element texture materials like... lmao money can’t buy style I guess
Melanie Gacuscusin (22 days ago)
,$ 3500
Malia Justice (22 days ago)
I hate this...
Ariana Grandé (22 days ago)
Wait wasn’t she in dr Phil
I only have a $20 YEARLY allowance
Melissa Castro (22 days ago)
Dam…she could really pay my bills 😂😂😂
Melissa Castro (22 days ago)
Nicolette : back pack was really cheap🤗 Me : 🤨🧐🤨🧐🤨🧐🤨🧐…in what comma sis
FOE 6 (23 days ago)
A t shirt that says balenciaga orang other name brand on it is seriously the most tacky thing ever
Leah R (23 days ago)
2:24 Her: I've upgraded now i Only drink glass Evian water Me: Girl I be using a Brita filter
Infamous Mplana (23 days ago)
35000$ omg such a waste of money thats why your mom kicked u
KIMI (23 days ago)
She literally went to every single store before she found what she was looking for. Hello?
Caitlan L (23 days ago)
If I was rich... I would give my family money to be nice. And I would give to charities and buy me some clothes. :)
Caitlan L (23 days ago)
Ok I’m not rich or anything... but I’m hoping that I can save up for one Gucci bag, it might take awhile but I hope that... or if not that then James Charles sister apparel merch. Hahahah 😂😂😂😍💜💕❤️❤️.
Sara Vel (23 days ago)
I know you’re not happy.... so God bless you 🙂😛🤗
Reese Yeager (23 days ago)
This is the whole definition of a privileged white girl.
Maria Cabebe (24 days ago)
Hope she saves those receipts for when she's older and needs food n shelter cuase when her mom goes the money's gonna be gone to she don't think about that.
Carys Edminson (24 days ago)
Nicolette-I upgraded from plastic evian to glass evian Me-*Drinks peasant tap water*
Baya Bin soltan (25 days ago)
Gosh u so dumb
tik tok larah jean (25 days ago)
A one thousand dollars are cheap for him
Megan Smith (27 days ago)
Her: I need to start using the dust bag and start taking care of my things Me: What are dust bags?
Hannah Cortez (27 days ago)
A way to say sorry is to simply say 'sorry'. Not spending money
PRETTY PATATA (27 days ago)
Parece tonta
Alexa Fayad (28 days ago)
If this Is a normal shopping day, I want to see what she get at Christmas 😂
Karl The Unipug (28 days ago)
Her: I’m gonna buy some hella Gucci Me: anything for 50 cents???
Jóska Gyerek (29 days ago)
F*ck you!
Miri lilix (29 days ago)
I always feel so bad when I ask my parents to buy me anything. Like it’s not my money, I didn’t work countless hours to obtain it so I will just ask for the basics.
terra ters (29 days ago)
donate your money to those who needed .
Tu Nguyen (29 days ago)
this came across my suggestions and now i'm literally crying in the middle of the night. just the tittle alone and the "35k" made me so depressed.
Layan Alwazir (29 days ago)
stop bragging
joy mirabel (29 days ago)
gosh 😲😲😲thats so much bag 😕😕😕
Nina — (1 month ago)
It is actually really sweet of her to notice that her mom liked the bag and went back to get it for her.
You are one shit of person......
Nikolina James (1 month ago)
*She has no taste, too tacky and plain and, she’s not even that rich.*
Lilly Jones (1 month ago)
D Nince (1 month ago)
Your cute and all buuuutttt too cocky and is not cute. But I do love the black collection also. 😉
Mara Murillo (1 month ago)
Morra tienes que probarte cada cosa que compres y mostrarnósla, así es un buen haul!
Lauren Vermeiren (1 month ago)
Can you make a shopping vlog with Blair
Her: My mom and I got into a fight and she threatened to kick me out of the house Me: My mom DID kick me out of the house and left me with no money...
Melody Fuller (1 month ago)
Spends thousands but cant have good lighting or studio
Melody Fuller (1 month ago)
August Xx (1 month ago)
“It’s so cheap!” “Really how much???” “$1100!! And get this it’s from GUCCI!!!!” “Really....$1100 is my entire wardrobe times 3 like what?!”
kailey tran (1 month ago)
2:25 I can imagine her voice being the annoying “so here the mfing tea girl”
Lois Roberts (1 month ago)
She could buy a house with 35000
TONI _265 (1 month ago)
These shoes are so ugly
Miraculous Ladybug FAN (1 month ago)
U r AMAZING! Don’t pay attention to he HATERS! They r just jelous that they r not as COOL as YOU! 😁
Julia Boynton (1 month ago)
it's always so funny when people are mad and stuff yet are always watching these videos
Jake Stevens (1 month ago)
angelas cringey videos (1 month ago)
pfttt i was sad that i lost 2 bucks but if she lost $1000 she would be like “oH WhATevEr”

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