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Text Comments (15234)
Blissyy Beauty (15 hours ago)
what a show off
Amanda Kurtzman (21 hours ago)
She doesn't appreciate a single thing..
Kensey Hatcher (1 day ago)
Watching this video makes me grateful for the way i was raised
Lol Torez (1 day ago)
She is ticking dumb we hell in rich and still don't take that expensive shopping hauls
Snapple Peach (1 day ago)
2:18 starts crying cause they have her size
Ciays (1 day ago)
Who buys 2 backpacks XD
Emalee Ortega (2 days ago)
I feel like she’s in A LOT OF DEBT 😬
Chloella X (2 days ago)
Although there is almost more dislikes than likes I don’t know y people hate on her if it’s her money than she can do what ever she wants with it
Jessica (3 days ago)
3:18 what she actually means: "I'm gonna read the receipt just to show you guys how rich I am"
Spandana Jonnalagadda (3 days ago)
I’m up for adoption…
angelina snider (3 days ago)
again fuck you
angelina snider (3 days ago)
fuck you
sofia garcia (3 days ago)
*tHiS oNE wAs 1,100 iDK wHy It wAs sO cHEaP*
Giselle Toma (3 days ago)
Yasmin czx (3 days ago)
She wonders why everybody gets offended by everything she does 🤔
Yasmin czx (3 days ago)
Lol does she donate any money?
Esha Best (3 days ago)
5:15 me when I wake up to a surprise
Esha Best (3 days ago)
4:41 got ME SHOOK
Sanskriti Bhosale (4 days ago)
I wish I thought the Gucci backpacks were cheap
L Lewis (4 days ago)
What if people don’t have Instagram
OOOuise (4 days ago)
literally everything that's wrong with the world right here
Jenny Primrose (4 days ago)
How many bags do you need?!!!!! She literally got the same bag from Chanel that she got in YSL
Zapdis (4 days ago)
when u spend 35000 dollers but still look ugly
NUrul Atikah (5 days ago)
Trash 😪
Léla Greene (5 days ago)
ok normally ppl say not trying the brag then she was like “this gucci bag is cheap, it was only 1,500” like boo
Enora Desravines (5 days ago)
No more hauls PLEASE
Hope Elizabeth (6 days ago)
her:"there soo cheap" me: love you just said they was only €1900!!!!!
Jada Lana (6 days ago)
yeah you're reading out the prices because of whatever your excuse was. totally not to flex on us 🙄
Daisy Richards (7 days ago)
4:42 did she just say that a $1200 Gucci backpack was cheap 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Nes Adri (7 days ago)
gf.me/u/qr6k6f maybe you guys can help me out.
why don't you do something useful with your money ooof
Tamanna Butt (8 days ago)
Shame dear God bless
Sallairius (8 days ago)
1100 is cheap?!!!!
czkj66 (8 days ago)
How shallow and stupid that girl !!!!
joonie (9 days ago)
my mom: lets go, just like that somewhere to eat me: YAYAYAYYAY!! her mom; lets go spend 1000’s of dollars her: yay
cc Oliver (9 days ago)
Omg the heel's are cute AF
cc Oliver (9 days ago)
I would be stressed out af if one crystal fell off my slides
cc Oliver (9 days ago)
For those of you with a short attention span like me at times! After all the talking....video actually starts at 1:23
99thMonkeyNet (10 days ago)
I hope at some point during your life you learn the value of all the money you have been wasting
Dawn Isles (10 days ago)
Wow . That's what my husband earns in a year in the UK . I was wondering what her occupation is for her to be able to afford to buy her .mother such an expensive gift .
Teeyana Araromi (10 days ago)
Why do people think it is ok to tell others what they should be doing with their money. "Donate" do you even donate yourself. "Give to charity" when was the last time you gave to charity. Being a hater will not change your life. Let's not act like poverty is cute. It is not... We all want to be rich and to be able to do anything and buy anything. Use it as motivation and change your story 🤗😉
Michelle M. (10 days ago)
Just because it’s expensive/ designer doesn’t mean it looks nice. Too much black... no style also.
Lexie Mc Knight (10 days ago)
Rich bich
ELLEN DIANELLA (10 days ago)
What is she going to do when she’s in her 30’s? I hope she finds a rich man to marry since she’s a professional shopper
Emmalee K (10 days ago)
She is just so lucky never will I ever get the chance to shop at Gucci 😂🤦‍♀️💀
Astrid Stray-Pedersen (11 days ago)
You=I only drink very expensiv water. Me=In Norway we drink from the spring😂😏
Its Maria xo (11 days ago)
Who start believing that money brings happiness 🤑🙋
AJ Huh (12 days ago)
3:48 - "I NEED a gucci backpack"
just beat it ; (12 days ago)
If I had his money I would do something good with it, it dosent make sense the price of your clothes if you didn't use your brain, spend a lot of money with clothes doesn't going to make you be a great person, also you are not a celebrity or a model to use those clothes it doesn't fit on you
Sirma Stamenova (12 days ago)
You must be the single most obnoxious person I've ever seen.
Vanhao Tran (12 days ago)
Love you
Becky Louise (12 days ago)
Why is everyone hating on her she’s just doing her job by doing videos and showing you what she got from shopping it really annoys me that people hate on everything she does end of the day you don’t need to watch her video if you can’t say anything nice just get out of this family SIMPLE.......!!!
Vanhao Tran (12 days ago)
Vanhao Tran (12 days ago)
Vanhao Tran (12 days ago)
Julianna Brooks (12 days ago)
I lost brain cells watching this...
Xoxoxo The weeknd (12 days ago)
I wish you to take all your fucking stuff you got and put them deeply in your ass. Oyside in the real word there are millions of pour people that need help and your just flexing bout what tou got? Fuck you girl! But its not your fault. Some people should have kids
Lisa Gray (13 days ago)
Girl u need some sense
Mario Perez (13 days ago)
35k would put me out of debt for a good 3 years
Deolen de Code (13 days ago)
Why is everyone being mean!
Fionnuala Boyle (14 days ago)
What a spoilt son of a
Realta 140 (14 days ago)
38k dislike 38k likes😂
Arraine Dee (14 days ago)
1290 for a sweatshirt!!! my broke ass in crying. And 1100 for a bag. I wanna be rich. Im tired of student loans and this trash economy.
C Loveme (14 days ago)
I have never seen so may dislikes'
Ava Oreel (14 days ago)
Oh. It’s the Dr Phil girl 😂
Sister Shook (14 days ago)
I don’t know why ya’ll complaining she makes her own money now and yeah back then she is relying on her mom,she can afford things like that,that’s just her lifestyle and ya’ll can’t change it like just let her be ,like haven’t ya”ll mom and dads buy you expensive stuff sometimes.Like that what she likes to buy,she now make her own money now and she sorta changed
Sumeyra Oztek (14 days ago)
omg my mom is amazing to she bought me a 26 dollar shoe and her water is even expensive hahahahahhah
lulu's wonderland (14 days ago)
Glass water expensive now 🤣 Better buy a new voice with all that money cuase you talking its just soooo annoying🐴
Manuela Gracia (14 days ago)
“In case you don’t know, luxury receipts come in this paper thingy” Sometimes I don’t even get a receipt 🥵
Manuela Gracia (14 days ago)
Her- “I only drink from glass*taps bottle*” Me-“I drink from plastic*crushes bottle*”
Jade Rose (15 days ago)
Damn..I’m happy with 70$ shoes, she here like 750$😱 we all know that’s probably her moms money she is spending...I would not be comfortable spending all that money from my parents
Sofia Go (15 days ago)
what's wrong with ur taste
smokescooper gaming (15 days ago)
Whatttttt is this 😂 👌
Divyanjali karki (15 days ago)
NICOLETTE: you know what i mean i had to get it ME: no
Berenize Canchola (15 days ago)
you. were in docder. fill you. were crying. because you didn't want. a job haha haha haha haA hahahahahahahaha you are a brate
Michael DiMartino (15 days ago)
You are a T
janessa francis (15 days ago)
Watching this video compared to her recent ones shows how much she’s actually changed. You can tell she worked a lot on herself
Gianna Rose (15 days ago)
Damn how many bags do you need
Gabriella Brillon (15 days ago)
she goes this bag was 2000 smt which is rlly affordable compared to the Chanel bags lolll
Gabriella Brillon (15 days ago)
I’ve been needing a new pair of slides so I’m ditching my uggs and going to Gucci anyone w me lmao
Payton Ray (15 days ago)
This is such a waste of money.
VIP* INNERCIRCLE (16 days ago)
She's actually a sweet person
Cassy Hernandez (16 days ago)
Why is there two of the same picks for the thumbnail
Qeti Giunashvili (16 days ago)
you are fucking spoild kid who thinks that gucci bag or shoes makes her better. u are spoild af
Madeleine Deutsch (16 days ago)
I love that you read prices because then if I like something I know the price and figure out how much I want it😂😂
Dance-for -life (16 days ago)
Nicolette: this was two thousand dollars which I thought was a super affordable price Me: that shirt is twenty dollars? That’s expensive!!!
You are stupid
finnja frewer (16 days ago)
Wo sind die deutschen Kartoffeln?
YRR drakboy (17 days ago)
white chicks part 2...
Emily Rojo (17 days ago)
I can’t with her hair 😂
Vianneyyy Loyaaa (17 days ago)
2:01 Is it me or did it sound like she said dick
Andrea Mayendia (17 days ago)
hold up. "This purse I've wanted for like two weeks" babe I wanted to try Taco Bell for like three years
Agathe (18 days ago)
Girl, 1100$ isn’t cheap for most people... Some even don’t make that much a month
Olivia DeLucia (18 days ago)
they were really cheap only like $1,700
Amy Gallier (18 days ago)
Just wanna say, why she acting like she invented sweater dresses
arnold merianos (18 days ago)
u ahole d o you even think on donate to a poor man u mother fuckg a hole
Beverly Chia (18 days ago)
oh my god ure that girl
El ena (18 days ago)
38 k dislikes/38 k likes
Gigi Augugliaro (18 days ago)
I smell broke in here
vongole pasta (18 days ago)
she literally spent 2.200 dollars on backpacks that look the same i wish i had that much money to waste

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