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Supermodels vs Instagram Models (Runway Walks) FULL HD

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These were originally part 1 & 2 videos, but part 1 got taken down for copyright so I switched some of the songs in part 1 and added part 2 to make this long video. Enjoy! 1. Naomi Campbell vs Manny MUA 2. Gisele Bündchen vs Kendall Jenner 3. Adriana Lima vs Sofia Richie 4. Tyra Banks vs James Charles 5. Karolína Kurková vs Bella Hadid 6. Doutzen Kroes vs Gigi Gorgeous 7. Tyra Banks vs Hailey Baldwin 8. Candice Swanepoel vs Erika Costell 9. Doutzen Kroes vs Gigi Hadid 10. Adriana Lima vs Madison Beer 11. Naomi Campbell vs Tiffany Trump
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Text Comments (597)
PINK CHANNEL (1 month ago)
7:33 In case you're wondering, in 2007 Naomi Campbell did community service in a Dolce & Gabbana silver gown for hitting a maid with a cellphone, iconic.
Daxx DelGado (10 days ago)
PINK CHANNEL who cares
Tony Griffith (16 days ago)
~ Naomi Campbell is Community Service, and serving us well EVERY TIME!.
Amidst (21 days ago)
That is just awful, and how you say it like it was a good thing. Being a great model doesn't mean is okay to abuse people.
Olivia (29 days ago)
a true icon
demetre nadiradze (1 month ago)
+Malcolm Christian Germano I think people are sayin that she is from the royal family, because of her walk, and how good its, and overall how amazing and iconic she is.
tina f (1 hour ago)
They all lack the hip swing and strut and “I’m that bitch” attitude:/
ferxx00 (3 hours ago)
Wow I’m shook
blurrypanles (10 hours ago)
The insta model walk.....DIABOLICAL!
Katt Moon (16 hours ago)
5:44 🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣
selxsch k (21 hours ago)
Honestly the sound makes a huge different ....and i think tha gigi is real model ... She became famous because of modeling not for having insta
Grace Friesen (1 day ago)
Oh god manny... just.. no...
Sarah Cander (1 day ago)
I agree with most of this list, but you chose bella’s WORST walk ever
Catherine Hiu (1 day ago)
I know nothing about modeling or walks but let me just say I could tell that Sofia Richie's was not it
Interesting Stuff (1 day ago)
2:47 nooo
Interesting Stuff (1 day ago)
0:40 oh my eyes 🙈
jake jam (2 days ago)
I dont see power and fierceness in gigi's walk. It's all giggly and messy and obviously she tries to be sexy on the runway but just couldn't pull it off.....THESE INSTAGIRLS ARE ALREADY RICH, they should just leave the job to the real models, OBVIOUSLY THE DO MODELLING NOT BECAUSE THEY NEED MONEY BUT ONLY FOR FAME, THE SAD PART IS THEY JUST COULDN'T GIVE JUSTICE TO THE JOB HANDED TO THEM😫😫😫
jake jam (2 days ago)
Kendall with her walk maybe thinks "IM THE HIGHEST PAID MODEL AND IM GONNA DO A GISELE BUNDCHEN THING WHO JUST WALKS STRAIGHT DO A SIMPLE POSE".....she ended up looking stiff and weak while gisele just slays by just doing the same thing😫😫😫
mvz.showjumping (2 days ago)
Yeah but you only chose the best model
makayla (2 days ago)
I will never forget Candice 2013 VS walk it will forever be one of my top 3 VS walks
S B (2 days ago)
YouTube and social media stars (and celebrity children) are fake celebrities
Zion45005 (2 days ago)
Wow these new age models suck!! Tyra is so right the old school models killed it 🔥🔥🔥Hailey Baldwin's was one of the worse she didn't even pose at the end of the runway 🤣🤣🤣🤣 like there wasn't even time to get her picture she turned around and walked away so fast!
America Guy (2 days ago)
How can we compare SUPERMODELS with James Charles and Many Mua... they are not even models!!
Amil Alise (3 days ago)
Killed me with that Squidward sound affects💀
xoxogg (3 days ago)
The only one that’s on supermodel level is kaia gerber. She’s truly her mother’s daughter
Sarf (3 days ago)
Please please please just EXTEND YOUR LEGS god my mom made sure I knew how to walk in heels before I was allowed in public with them like back in 6th fucking grade and these “professionals” can’t ?? Ugh.
JJ M (3 days ago)
Loved this...wish it was longer! The music was just hilarious!
7 fucks (3 days ago)
Kendall looks so bored and ain't feeling it 😳😂
haticek (3 days ago)
Back in the days the real models were found by agents they were normal girls with amazing features. Now these girls are from rich families, they have connections to agencies and they are not found like it was back in the days. And now they call themselves models 🙄 You can see the difference.
JiminIeBaBo iT (3 days ago)
I’m sorry but I died laughing when Erika took her first step ..
Zenix Tunes (3 days ago)
erika costell. no.
Lindsey Sloan (3 days ago)
SUPER models, baby. Naomi, Gizelle, Tyra, Karolina, Doutzen
Kim (3 days ago)
This is the best video I have seen on the topic of supermodels vs today's instagram models. The proof is in the walk.
fxrh nxbilxh (4 days ago)
You did Bella wrong
Retrosthetic (4 days ago)
erika costells walk made me want to gag myself
Retrosthetic (4 days ago)
wow these hurt my soul
infused fits (4 days ago)
Clearly you can tell who the real supermodels are.
Yara Goenen (5 days ago)
Gigi hadid an Instagram model🤷
Antonio Moreno (5 days ago)
Maison beer is such as dumb bitch
Hyrtt Hyrtt (5 days ago)
Naomi’s fucking Community SERVICE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 fucking Diabolical I am deceased
Constance Goldwing (5 days ago)
God these instafamous are disgusting! ugh...that james character was grotesque.
tatianna was robbed (5 days ago)
madison beer’s IS SO FUNNY AHAHAHAH
Tee Chief (5 days ago)
NIEROZLACZKA. TV (6 days ago)
Duck Hailey😂
angelinamongan (6 days ago)
omfg sophia richie is atrocious, kendall jenner the same, madison beer just fuckin stop tyra killed it, instagram bitches stay off the catwalk,
Zara hhghhjiihhbjj (6 days ago)
The spongebob sound effects 😂😂😂
HM33awesome (6 days ago)
Make more please
Eryn Little (6 days ago)
Now I’m not making excuses for the terrible walks done by the « insta » models, I still feel like this vidéos is biased and doesn’t portray their full capabilities as models. I do agree that the actual models are much better but if you’re going to make a comparison video then don’t show the models in their best light and the « insta » models in their worst
Sameera (6 days ago)
The hailey Baldwin Sound effects
someguy (6 days ago)
Ig ,*ahem* “models “ are the Golden Corrals of models
Jayza B (7 days ago)
Manny Mua😂😂😂😂😂
Avery (7 days ago)
Hahahah I’m 💀 manny 😭😭😭🤦‍♀️
Daniella Marie (7 days ago)
How is being obese frowned upon but being anorexic and looking like a African kid on a save the children advert ok?????
Kalyn Lee (7 days ago)
1:36 The hesitation before she puts her hand up KILLS ME
fullgrown31 (7 days ago)
Ugh so awkward
Useless Username (8 days ago)
I agreed with some of these but what youre not about to do is pull up old shit of my queen bella
Tiffany Trump is ugly
Kendall is an actual model tho🙄
sabrina begum (6 days ago)
She don’t know how to walk for shit on show
Tellie Ducharm (8 days ago)
Miss Jayyyy please put out tutorials, oh wait you did Americas next top model season 1-....?
Nadja Popovic (9 days ago)
OMG James's legs are soooo shortt😂😂
EpicEleanor (9 days ago)
The music for the insta people makes it so much worse hahahahah
jellybean (9 days ago)
Who tf let Erika on that podium?!!
PSO Bella Hadid's walk is amazing now
Insta models made shook in a bad way
Rachel Fourie (10 days ago)
I wish I had a model’s body
Rocio Ramirez (10 days ago)
Adriana Lima, Candice, Tyra, Naomi, son otro super nivel las otras chicas tienen meritos y son bonitas pero nada q ver con las reinas q son tan profesionales.
Daxx DelGado (10 days ago)
Tiffany Trump was and Is disgusting
msxmargo (10 days ago)
Kendall Jenner makes approx $20 and she can’t walk either can Gigi never noticed before
Ice Adonis (11 days ago)
Instagram models suck!
Bana dv (11 days ago)
2:14 - 2:21 What the actual fuck 😂 What was that Oml that was beyond horrible My 4year old niece did better thank her at walking and posing
elissa baba (11 days ago)
eccenterika ASMR (12 days ago)
Erika costell jesus wtf why does she look so pudgy?? And that stomping oh lord
Sydney O'Bier (12 days ago)
Nehir Tt (12 days ago)
Ohh gisele
Soccer Life (12 days ago)
The thank you next sogn over mannys butt😂
hope (12 days ago)
Tyra and Naomi have incredible star power damn they did that
That kidd (12 days ago)
4:59 dead 😂💀
Genie in a bottle (12 days ago)
6:48 me arriving into my ex wedding
Ataleah (12 days ago)
7:11 Bella Hadid behind Adriana Lima saying shes a instgram model lol nah and she did her part really well while walking past her ex Abel at the time
Imogen Carney (12 days ago)
5:44 Look at the model on the rights legs damnnnnnnn I need legs that long
Hannah Wxxssxnbxck (13 days ago)
Kendall Jenner is a supermodel !!!!
Luke Coughlin (13 days ago)
Ok I know absolutely nothing about modeling (don’t know why I clicked on this video tbh) but wtf was James Charles walk? Like literally he looked like an ostrich
Chris Alm (13 days ago)
7:35 *me being over dressed for anything*
Devon (13 days ago)
Okay to be fair Bella was like 15😂
International Playboy (15 days ago)
Kendall is a supermodel But a bad one
Nayeon is gay (15 days ago)
Expectation vs reality
Rhysand's High Lady (15 days ago)
Why does tiffany trump look like Sid from Ice Age 😂😂😂😂😂
infinite GOODNESS (15 days ago)
6:03 to 6:27 was nothing but the best part of the video. Atleast i Loved it the most.
TOPAZ (15 days ago)
Shook even Rihanna has a better walk.
Stefano Madeline (16 days ago)
Marco Marco models sucks
Sunny D (16 days ago)
Kendal looked like she was taking a day off
Jacqueline HS (16 days ago)
Nowadays models especially insta model, their walk have no classy at all, lazy n don't have a supermodel persona. I stan legend supermodel like Tyra, naomi, gisele n all the legends supermodel.. Pardon my english
dani orellana (16 days ago)
Madison Beer was the worst one
BubbleTae (16 days ago)
Omg sofia Richie had me screaming sis nooooo
Pablo Kinney (17 days ago)
This is the difference between a model and someone who´s rich and pretty and wants to do it. Real models work A LOT, to have the perfect body, strenght, etc... that they have. Also talent is a thing, keep it real, Sofia & Kendall would never learn to walk, have yall seen that? A CHICKEN WALSK WITH MORE GRACE. U know something is bad when a singer like Rihanna can outshine any of this ig "models". A singer. Dont even need to compare to legends.
しゅにシュニ (17 days ago)
In case anyone is wondering, the music at 1:03 is from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2005 ( Shot You Down & Lujon ) [AUDIO] 😇 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyjyLVogj8k P.S This video ever gets old. I come back to it every so often its frickin hilarious!! Very Well done!😂🤣
しゅにシュニ (17 days ago)
Also the last song with Naomi campbell- (going to community service in a Dolce & Gabbana Silver gown) - Azealia Banks -Fierce - 👌 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SOXS9f5UDg
ariana tordjman (17 days ago)
Kendall Jenner is so boooorrrrriiiiinnnggggg on the runway
Daniel Whelan (17 days ago)
Insta models walk 'oh hey'. Super models walk. MOVE BITCH!
Ebonique Boyd (17 days ago)
Everything about my life is better, because of this video. I forgot why I found so little joy in fashion lately. Thanks for so succinctly and amusingly summing up my dissatisfaction.
yuyun yuliendanie (17 days ago)
the spongebob walk sound 😭😂😭😂😭😂 i can not
Yuvna Sookdeb (17 days ago)
Naomi is the best!
Essence B. (17 days ago)
Gigi Gorgeous in a GORGEOUS Laurel Dewitt Dress, flopped it
FUKK (17 days ago)
Erika’s walk hurt my insides ughhh why did she stop like that 🤕
yansuma (17 days ago)
tiffany trump literally looks like sid from ice age and i cannot stress that enough

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