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Olibiliah lo (2 hours ago)
This was so fucking funny 😂😂😂😂
Valentina's (15 hours ago)
She looks sooo high
Joakim (23 hours ago)
Ehm i dont think you are fat, just sayin
Alyssa Perez (1 day ago)
“I wish I could talk but I’m too busy being skinny” 😂😂😂 I cannot 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
and an even higher angler
Catherine Peeples (1 day ago)
i hvnt watched u in 4ever!!!!!!!!! i had 2 subscribe u again!!!!!
Doki Jeff (1 day ago)
Watching, this randomly and a fit ad comes on...
Angel's wreck (1 day ago)
This made me so sad on how much she degraded herself. Shes actully beautiful
Skylar Young (1 day ago)
She’s so pilled out here lmao I love her
nadia Campana (1 day ago)
Yo solo pienso en el abrigo, sorry soy kookmin shipper😍
Jeanette Pelletier (1 day ago)
Omg!!! Trish I live for your video’s your rock doll...💃💃💃💃
Lindsey Morgan (1 day ago)
She used to drive me crazy but I love her now
LAME PINEAPPLE (1 day ago)
Trisha do you want to talk?
She's one of those slutty fat chicks
Cléo Made (2 days ago)
Cindy Xin (2 days ago)
Oh hiiiii
Mattie417 (2 days ago)
3:13 is me
Marian Aceves (2 days ago)
Oh my god this is actually great, i'm dying of laughter right now😂😂
Athraa Alqas (2 days ago)
You are not fat
pitch. black.666 (2 days ago)
Um..social anxiety is real. You age doesn’t matter when it comes to mental illness.
Sarah Rose (3 days ago)
She needs help I think she is having a meltdown.
Meghan Mon (3 days ago)
My eating disorder is screaming at me rn
Mike Claywell (3 days ago)
Green nails looking very Hot 🔥!!!
Luna at Tala (3 days ago)
Thanks trish
Allie Dixon (3 days ago)
shes so iconic
Kayla Gensler (3 days ago)
Is that her man?
miss marti (3 days ago)
What the hell is wrong with you? Get a freakin grip. You could be really cute but you are crazy as a loon.
Charissa Shamley (3 days ago)
I was wondering that because I got a tank from Free People in a size small and it was HUGGGEEEEE... but gosh damn if Free people isnt expensive!! I buy all my stuff used off poshmark and it's still expensive!!
Rena Denison (3 days ago)
You're a cutie, clearly not meant to be overweight. do yoga r something right? so you don't have to invent ways to trick people. Coming from a fat girl, what I'm doing! Love you kiddo.
Ashlee M (3 days ago)
My god.. she is spiraling
Jules Dolan (4 days ago)
I couldn't remember her name....and typed in "fat utube girl" and she was the first one who came up!
Peter Raia (4 days ago)
Your not fat!
Alyssa Sinclair (4 days ago)
i honestly dont think she's fat, she's thicc.
Lord Farquaad (4 days ago)
*shane Dawson joins the chat*
Lily • (4 days ago)
Whats worse her voice, her kicking a wall with metal nails under her toes.
Nedj Olson (4 days ago)
That was before her vid xd
Sighrix (4 days ago)
You may think you're disgusting for being heavier, but you need to love yourself because you can be a beautiful person but it definitely needs to start with you loving yourself, just like the movie Penelope. She learned to love herself and then she changed...its all metaphorical though, its saying the more you love yourself the more happy with yourself you become. Im not sure if you're trolling, you probably are, but definitely the only actual weight you've gained is the weight of feeling bad about yourself..., and overall it can change because you have to be the Change you wish to see in yourself. I personally think you're super beautiful.
Steve Hunt (5 days ago)
I've never seen faker lips in my life, tits too
Carolina Nicole (5 days ago)
Im too busy being skinny 😂
Ghostsinmyhouse . (5 days ago)
"I'm pushing 200. I'm so fat." Girl, shut your skinny ass the fuck up.
Wiebke Feldkamp (5 days ago)
"I wish I couldt talk, but I'm too busy being skinny!" 😂😂😂
Rosalba A (5 days ago)
Fat because you are eating wrong food corpses dead body that are not food but death.. Milk from cows tits and the eggs that are menstruations Milk and eggs are first cause of cancer to prostate ovaries testicle and boobs It’s the first cause of problems for heart disease and diabetes This are all research from university If you want to live a good and healthy life you should all change your diet And to be more sensitive for the lives of all animals we have to stop 🛑 ✋ killing animals We don’t need to sacrifice animals for eat!! We have our food from the plants It’s unethical and it’s unhealthy!!! Meat and fish contain very high quantity of cholesterol that is a very dangerous fat in our body for our heart, diabetes And obviously if you eat a cow or a pig or an other kind of animal you should always think 💭 that if you eat an animals you become that animal So you are like a mutant You became half cow and half human I mean cows are beautiful like they are But a human cow I don’t think it’s cute a human that have some kind of mutation in a cow..you become ugly and aging more fast, becoming fat like a cow! Nobody that have a vegan diet is fat! Being fat and to much big it’s a unhealthy way to live cause from a wrong diet! Open your mind people, we need to change the world a make it a better place 💕🌸save the animals Save the planet Save yourself go vegan🌸💕
Kenneth Parker (5 days ago)
Marlean Greene (5 days ago)
She's not fat at all she's gorgeous
funny yy (5 days ago)
Me when I have a mental breakdown
Maroqueen X (6 days ago)
6:17 your hands say it all
Keyann Martinez (6 days ago)
I'm thick with a small tummy and I love my body
Dee (6 days ago)
Your happy today!!! 😄😄🤗
Darla V (6 days ago)
We need to hang out
Amy Summers (6 days ago)
With your hair up, you look a lot like Pamela Anderson when she was younger.
Ava’s Life (6 days ago)
You say your 200 pounds yeah 200 pounds of love
Megan Scott (6 days ago)
Why are people so mean to Trish? I love her! I love her life hacks! Haters, we don't need you. Buh-bye!
Chloë M.K (6 days ago)
2:34 Her inner Paris Hilton comes up
Elisa Mambrin (6 days ago)
If you’re 175 and 60 kg, you are not fat girl
Carmen reyes reyes (7 days ago)
To funny !!! ❤❤
Jonathan Seedath (7 days ago)
New year New me
Tony Von (7 days ago)
Your beautiful how you are
P Alfredo (7 days ago)
D’Eliza R (7 days ago)
Wow.... I don’t really follow Trisha because I remember her from being a speed speaker and she drove me crazy... this is the first video I saw that I realized how bad I feel for her... the person in this video doesn’t love themselves and her eyes are empty.... I feel really bad for Trisha...
autistic mandem (7 days ago)
step 1. dont be fat......
Melissa Alhezayen (7 days ago)
Or, you could stop overeating.
Anne-Maria Ruuhimäki (7 days ago)
I love these hacks 😍🆘🤣
Reverend Marvelous (7 days ago)
You look trans in the face
Youdont Need2know (7 days ago)
I don’t like her putting herself down so much I think she’s beautiful for one but for two she’s fucking hilarious 😂😂😂
Miriam Kelly (7 days ago)
Try keto!
C M (7 days ago)
Damn I would still want that every day and night... thick is always amazing... again I would love to be with you
Sophia Serrano (7 days ago)
First she not even fat second this bitch has ADHD
Sophia Serrano (7 days ago)
Omfggg I actually think she’s having a MENTSL BREAKDOWN
Bradford Harris (7 days ago)
She's fine...omg. Wet dream time.
Chris Sampol (7 days ago)
The title has me dead 😂😂😂
Gossip Listener (7 days ago)
Kim Zolciak looks like an idiot when she does her no thigh GAP bs. Trish. Teach her
Cynthia K. (7 days ago)
You're so gorge
lakers #1 (7 days ago)
Dammm that some beautiful thick girl she look so beautiful
Angel Stokes (8 days ago)
Goth Disaster (8 days ago)
I got a life hack for fat people! Lose weight
Jacob Jones (8 days ago)
I think some people are being excessive with there comments personally I think she is good looking I do agree the eye make up is a little strong and she is a little giddy but i think its cause she is nervous talking about something that truly does bother her just my opinion
420 ASMR (8 days ago)
is this the chick from the eminem vid?
Re-Shit (8 days ago)
Why was this in my recommended? I'm an athletic Guy seems about right
John Brown (8 days ago)
Your the perfect weight. 😋😍
Khalid mohamed (8 days ago)
Support for you
Khalid mohamed (8 days ago)
I love you so much ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Neo6801 (8 days ago)
Stop that, you are beautiful.
Timi (8 days ago)
I did it!!! I found the end of the internet!!!
Amina Minni (8 days ago)
What the world has come to 🙄
Aime B (8 days ago)
I hope youre okay. Youre gorgeous tbh i dont think you lool fat i think you look great. I my self weight 120 and wish to be like this.
Gordon Music (8 days ago)
You're thick baby not fattt
Bass Kicking (8 days ago)
I’d hit it from behind baby.
Alexa Castillo (8 days ago)
Emmanuel James (8 days ago)
Pamela Anderson V.I.P
kristina fawn (8 days ago)
Omg lol I can't...
feli S. (9 days ago)
Hahhahah Love you
Yuna Mikhaylova (9 days ago)
She is so funny
Emily Zamora (9 days ago)
Why do I feel bad for her🤦
lol (9 days ago)
you’re so annoying lmaoo
Skank Hunt29 (8 days ago)
Why watch? So bored with your life that you watch things that annoy you??? 😮
If social anxiety is not real... WHAT IS THIS? IS GOD DUPING ME?!
Winter Frost (9 days ago)
Manee Pha (9 days ago)
Some Magic (9 days ago)
Your still so BEAUTIFUL!!! <3333
grace lindley (9 days ago)
This high sesh meltdown video is a fat mood 😓
Ivy Wood (9 days ago)
Girl, you ain’t fat at all!! You are GORGEOUS!!!!❤️❤️

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