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Best Runway Walks | New Generation

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Music: OverLine & Netsy - Why So Serious https://youtu.be/oFu6ZTy2giQ VINAI - Get Ready Now (Semih Kurt Bootleg) https://youtu.be/f7JX9AgZR3I Jack Wins - I Used To Love You (feat. Francci Richard) https://youtu.be/Z67hFGDpsOM
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Text Comments (114)
Rosheine Nelson (17 days ago)
Thanks for the video. Saw some really great walk
co im a ma stoke r (24 days ago)
Luna Bijl seams too aggressive
Pedro Gil (1 month ago)
romee??? she’s pretty average... mayowa is waaaaaayyyyyyyyt better
Tranny Galore (1 month ago)
where do they find these well-made trannies???
Nitro Express (3 months ago)
who buys these mostly hideous clothes? surly not the fatties in the audience.
Dynesius (4 months ago)
Imaan is the only one that stands out from everyone, a little bit with Kate.
Ervin Antoni (4 months ago)
Wow amazing
Rock monster (4 months ago)
I saw grace in the walks of the 4th, 3rd and 1st models, the rest not so much
Rock monster (4 months ago)
Thank you for NOT putting Bella and whatever her name on here.
Rock monster (4 months ago)
Omg I love the music!!!!
oops (4 months ago)
I don't get it. Why do people think clothes look better on an expressionless stick figure mannequin stomping along like a robot?
Jeff Calvin (4 months ago)
Ya she wants to fuck the punjabi. She got sold
Jeff Calvin (4 months ago)
Dual lipas real name is fuck off im joining a cult that would make robots shit. When shes born again shes going to eat shit at age 22 she told her mom to feed her shit
Jeff Calvin (4 months ago)
Stop stating to me that whiye guys are [email protected][email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!
Francisca Zuila (5 months ago)
nada como a Karlie kloss
Aleccej Kraftcoff (5 months ago)
Magic pretty nice sexy!👏😊👅👄🌹🍓❤🌈🌞💎⛵🎓🌼👏👌🌞
Rin0Kaka (5 months ago)
I saw only 2 or 3 girls with some sort of grace....95% of them walk like robots...they are trying to be fierce ok...but...don't be robot. ...male robot.
getthefuckoffmyamp ! (6 months ago)
Heels at 1:10 ❤️❤️❤️
getthefuckoffmyamp ! (6 months ago)
Heels at 1:10 ❤️❤️❤️
LadyMarija (6 months ago)
Imannnn wooooow..gorgeous girl and georgeous walk..like the best supermodels in the world..
HausofJames (7 months ago)
So on runaway you can do what walk you want?
Padoru (7 months ago)
cries in skinny
Ling Ling The puppy (7 months ago)
The models were so much better back then
Anika (8 months ago)
Alexandra Elizabeth, she's really good.
Michael Davis (8 months ago)
Damn I miss Imaan man. She was such a Supermodel comin for that spot!! I don't get why the good ones always dissapeae from the runway.....Agness Dean, Anna Ewers, Jessica White, Jessica Miller, Kendall Jenner, Kate Upton,
Good Day (8 months ago)
Try some foot modeling now! What do you have to lose? http://footfetishmoney.blogspot.com/2018/05/foot-fetish-gigs-ladies-only.html
Pawel Walentynski (9 months ago)
9:26 how this boy got the gig is my question..
Martha Holt (9 months ago)
Imaan is spectacular
Ann Bird (10 months ago)
Julie has such a long torso and short legs or is it just me
Javier Antimo (11 months ago)
Yasmin wijnaldum ❤
Melinda Purnama (11 months ago)
I love number 7
Clara Ayesda (11 months ago)
Cori Hardy (11 months ago)
Werkkkk mayowa, yasmin and IMAAN!!!!!!!!
Anis Fairburn (1 year ago)
You mean the zombie models generation right?
Natalie Havins (1 year ago)
0:30 when your running late and dont have time to do eye makeup so you just wear sun glasses
Maia Vitale (1 year ago)
i get that they're best from this generation but there's something gangster-ish or boy-ish thing about their walks definitely not feminine fierce like Natasha, Mariacarla, Raquel, Vlada. Basically all of the new generation models walk like male models
Londone (5 months ago)
Maya Adams because they tell us to and if we don’t we don’t get the show. It’s either walk like they tell us to or sit the show out. They literally tell us to “walk like a boy” every season
Londone (5 months ago)
Maya Adams because the casting directors and designers tell us to “walk like a boy” every season 🤧
leonardo goez ramirez (1 year ago)
I fucking love Yasmin. But now we have to add Kaia Gerber to the list.
Where was Natasha Poly and Kendall Jenner?
Amez (1 year ago)
YESSSSSS IMAAN!! Can I just say though, that Alexandra Elizabeth girl is incredible; I want every single piece she's wearing! Only other models to have that effect on me are Natasha, Mariacarla and Snejana. Yasmin's walk isn't that good but her body is STUNNING.
Char S (1 year ago)
Long arms 🤤
Lord Armyn (1 year ago)
Yasmine Wij is , for me, a modern Naomi. She is the best today.
Ferdinand Cea (1 year ago)
I miss the sound in smx 😊
Ferdinand Cea (1 year ago)
I'll stay here
Michael Ryan Cornelio (1 year ago)
Luna reminds me of Sasha P.
Andres Moreno (1 year ago)
U better upload Kaia Gerber is No.1
uchechuwku Okere (1 year ago)
karlie kloss???
Eddie Richardson (1 year ago)
Literally Imman can keep her spot, but Mayowa(9) and Romee(8) were definitely her only competition on this list when it comes to walks.
Charlie Gray (4 months ago)
Some of these new gen models walk like men. OG models were so fierce and graceful at the same time but some of the new gen models look so stiff when they walk and ..I don't know something is missing
Nova Starr (1 year ago)
Mayowa 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lauren (1 year ago)
Also please do the worst!
Lauren (1 year ago)
I love how 6 or something girls are Dutch :)
RobRossiFan (1 year ago)
At this moment a lot of these girls are becaming like established status, not new gen. Girls like Yasmin and Julie H., compensate bad-looking blank face with great fierce walk. It's normal solution. If you want to success - use it all
Siobhan Quinn (1 year ago)
Lol they suck
Jack Rippr (1 year ago)
#1 deserved #1 great vid.
Autumn Bonsai (1 year ago)
I miss the old days when beauty and elegance were fashionable, not edginess and eclecticism. Some of those clothes were seriously ugly.
iggy rap (1 year ago)
Shez Xi you can't except that fashion changes...so stupid
nacho lopez (1 year ago)
A slayer (1 year ago)
Imaan had the only good walk
fat whale (1 year ago)
I don't particularly like the list. Some of these models can't walk but maybe that's just because I'm used to the Naomi and Tyra way of runway walking. Anyways, my girl Imaan slayed.
u LUVme (9 months ago)
It only goes to show that Ty and Naomi aren't standards in runway walk ... coz if they are, every model would be strutting down just like them ...
anh tuan (1 year ago)
the models in this video catwalk like Gisele Bunchen( Horsewalk).
Twana Gant (1 year ago)
good job number 1 has the best walk
일없다 (1 year ago)
Even if the models in these days walk great, they aren't as great as the models in the past...
J'adore NCT (1 year ago)
Imaan is the only tolerable one
Julio Becerra (1 year ago)
Ohh Man, I can't believe Teddy Quinlivan is not in this top 10, Julie Hoomans was there and her walk is just simply boring, Luna Bijl is another one that is just an egg without salt. Romee should be the last. The other girls are amazing.
Michele Savinsky (1 year ago)
This Era so weak if these girls are top 10 god help the runway world just saying?
Lenka Zavřelová (1 year ago)
and last song is Wombass Tiësto & Oliver Heldens (Extended Mix)
Maays (1 year ago)
You left the best till last. Iman Hamam!
Romy EC (1 year ago)
Some of these models should know that you can have a fierce presence without looking bratty or angry. haha
Romy EC well they aren't supposed to smile the people want them to look natural
joseph james (1 year ago)
They all have the same walk and rhythm...no distinctive style...boring.
hwolf32 (1 year ago)
oh shit i forgot Teddy Quinlivan & Binx walton as well they can walk ..........Mayowa nicolas is another girl with a strong walk ......and even Romee Strijd & Cindy Bruna have walks with attitude...
David (1 year ago)
ALEX Jime (2 years ago)
I love the the top three and Alexandra I also like Binx, Lineisy,Teddy and Anna Ewers walks
Where is Lineisy??
Christian Scott (2 years ago)
I can't believe Kendall and Gigi didn't make the li..... sorry, I can't keep a straight face long enough to finish that sentence. No, but being serious, I would have liked Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov to be number one, and I wonder why Anna Ewers wasn't included? But great list.
Jeff Calvin (4 months ago)
I give up
Naj Bo (10 months ago)
Iman HaMam deserved the number one based on look feminine attitude fierce walk and grace ... you dont have to be insta famous to top the charts
Penny Campbell-Jones (2 years ago)
ha ha, your comment about gigi and kendall wins the internet today!
Sushi Chan (2 years ago)
Lol none of these catwalks would par up with the previous generations, maybe except Kate G.
iggy rap (1 year ago)
Sushi Chan so what you try
Lenka Zavřelová (2 years ago)
name of songs please :)
Daniel Mantilla (2 years ago)
Alexandra deserved the first place and models like yasmin and imaan are really good but way too new, vittoria ceretti, jamie bochert or mica argañaraz sholud´ve been included.
solange levasseure (1 year ago)
i was also thinking ana clevland should be on the list but shes just way over the top
Christian Scott (2 years ago)
I agree about Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov. I reckon Jamie was excluded because she's been modelling so long. I think she's even deemed an industry icon now on models.com. Am surprised Mica, Dilone and Anna Ewers were excluded though. Love Anna!
Larry Wesley (2 years ago)
Number one was flawless
Larry Wesley (2 years ago)
Although the music was trash the girls made up for it
iggy rap (1 year ago)
Larry Wesley shut up
Josef Lia (2 years ago)
I love mayowa Nicholas she's so versatile in her way of walking. She slays
Renato Rijo (2 years ago)
You can watch this video listenning to this song: Trance - 009 Sound System Dreamscape
Christopher Cole (2 years ago)
Alexandra Elizabeth killed the Versace show. Beyond fierce.
Christopher Cole (2 years ago)
It's empowering to see women walk in a strong, bold way. I get goosebumps and my heart speeds up.
Christian Scott (2 years ago)
Yes! She is definitely one of the very best walkers at the moment. She brings a bit of mid-noughties fierceness. Reminds me of Kasia, Natasha and Anja.
Peter N (2 years ago)
The modeling world is going down... Are you trying to say that these girls are runway models ? Seriously ? They simply sucks... Kate G. is nr.1, nr.2, nr.3 ... she is the only REAL model. I can't even watch the other girls ... especially their legs while walking..
Jeff Calvin (4 months ago)
Ah is not opening your mouth. All ah all white guys are gay
Luis Mejia (8 months ago)
OSEA modeling industry its no about catwalk. This is a new generation emerging, its all about attitude. Probably their walk its not the best but you remember the face and the signature walk. Every model has the right to walk like they fuckin want.
Naj Bo (10 months ago)
number one worth the place
Blair Aldrich (1 year ago)
I'm in modeling and the girls should have there shoulders farther back and need to work on facial expressions tummy tucked in and head up at all times and eyes not looking down
Sərxan Şahvələdov (1 year ago)
A M kate is best of all. So shut up !
Alyssa Abary (2 years ago)
Mila de Ruiter (2 years ago)
waoow 6 dutchies!
Dario Fontana (2 years ago)
Where's Issa Lish?
Cover Shoots (2 years ago)
Yesssss Imman She is my fashion idol
luXx filth (2 years ago)
i love your videos, but can you change the music it's tacky
that’s haute (2 years ago)
Stop Ray her music is great! its upbeat dance music similar to songs on a runway
Flombies vera (2 years ago)
My favourite is Alexandra Elizabeth <3 to like personal, prefer the walk of Julia nobis, Fei Fei Sun or Teddy Quinlivan.
Aileen Finnick (2 years ago)
What the fuck is up with this music?! Shit is seriously annoying and obnoxious and doesn't match with the video at all
Wilhelmina Slateer (1 year ago)
The music is worst than Gigi Hadid's horrible skin
Aileen Finnick (2 years ago)
Kisss my ass
Hugo Martinez (2 years ago)

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