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Top 10 Best Runway Walks 2016-2018

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Top 10 Best Runway Walks 2016-2018 Thank you all for voting! Here comes the final result, enjoy! Music: "Ber Zer Ker" by WATEVA "Get the Party" by CØDE "Oligarch" by Daniell Arma "Somebody" by Dropgun
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Text Comments (679)
J BIIID (4 hours ago)
Kaia & Cara Taylor are the only good ones.
Rafaella Monts (9 hours ago)
I’m sorry but Gisele is the queen😘
MissTinglesASMR (1 day ago)
4:14, I think Zendaya is in the audience. She's in red.
MissTinglesASMR (1 day ago)
IT WAS HER IM- https://www.hawtcelebs.com/zendaya-coleman-arrives-at-michael-kors-fashion-show-in-new-york-02-14-2018/
B Musik (2 days ago)
Luna Bijl 😍
Lucas Demetrio (2 days ago)
Omg Imaan 😻😻😻
Eula barredo (2 days ago)
omg.. the black girl js super pretty !!
Bayu Dana (2 days ago)
Yasmin look so similary with Dana slosar
Ligia Lee (4 days ago)
#1 - She looks super gorgeous, has a glowy sexy look and incredible swag.
7нe.Black. Gøddess (4 days ago)
Imaan is so gorgeous, her walk is 🔝🌷❤
7нe.Black. Gøddess (4 days ago)
How beautiful is Abduh??!!❤🌷
Michael who (4 days ago)
the on.1 girl😍that body!!!!
SXX SM (5 days ago)
Choi Sora😍👍🏼👏🏼
이성훈 (8 days ago)
song at the begining?
pickle sliced (9 days ago)
Sora killin ittt
sokiihoo (12 days ago)
0:58 who is she?
ril (14 days ago)
No. 2 is ugly
Indra Donovan (17 days ago)
0506 byun (17 days ago)
Sora Choi😍
Lalchhanpuii Ralte (19 days ago)
Yasmin ❤
ani t (19 days ago)
victoria ceretti hasn't got a pleasant walk... why is she higher than adut lol
K S (20 days ago)
Yasmin 😍
Lucas Moavro (20 days ago)
Wow !!!!
hat red (21 days ago)
박정옥 (22 days ago)
Lovely. Fashion week is just disappeared from my TV. I need diet and fashion tips!
santoni kina (23 days ago)
adut adut adut adut adut slay
There’s just something about the bored look on Yasmin’s face while her hips are doing the absolute most it’s jus so intense it’s crazy
Mess Undo (23 days ago)
Well, you can see these walk everywhere on the street.
Edward Hannah (24 days ago)
Kaia is so impressive even with all her resources like she’s been doing this years.
fernanda flores (25 days ago)
I don’t like the Vittoria Ceretti’s walk...
끕떼기 (26 days ago)
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Sora choi❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ SHE IS KOREAN
Great video, thank you for sharing
daffodil.ginseng (28 days ago)
Her name is Vittoria or that's a typo?
robin hollzen (29 days ago)
Grace ❤️❤️❤️
Jamie H (1 month ago)
Timothy Freeman (1 month ago)
The designer of the majority of these 'fashionable articles' needs psychological help! However, the silver and blue jump suits were very nice. No wonder these women were not smiling, would you be smiling and wishing you weren't there at the same time? YECH! Very uncomfortable vibes here, and the "music" was even worse. The Ladies were fantastic tho!
mistaken (1 month ago)
no 1 deserves her spot. very well done. luna was great and i feel cara needed another bump of her spot though.
The Feeling Is Mutual (1 month ago)
Everyone of these women look like villains in a Bond movie.
Yuli Ya (1 month ago)
I just want a little bit of their confidence..
Lord Of Skull (1 month ago)
The last model is a bit curvy. Well done, Industry! She is gorgeous!🤭😳
Jizzell Reyna (1 month ago)
#1 is well deserved. also loved k.g's
Cultured Sour cream (1 month ago)
I’ve always wanted to do runway but i. Tooshort
Jonathan (1 month ago)
Overdoing with their hips: Kaia Gerber, Yasmin Wijnaldum. Yes: Sora Choi ( one of the most photographed models after the shows), Adut, Grace, Cara Taylor (clean walking), Luna Bijl (gorgeous but she needs to control her body a little). No: Imaan. Overrated and mostly popular among her fans. Not a common appearance on the shows.
o li (1 month ago)
Seriously Sora💜
Jessyamber Walker (1 month ago)
The last song in Imman is beautiful .
Ivana Cotrina (1 month ago)
what is the name of the top1 song??
Mimi Bibi (1 month ago)
Kaia Gerber belongs in the top 3 with that Alexander Wang runway damn!
Lucas Moavro (1 month ago)
Spectacular video !!!! Show us more.
Midwest Kandi (1 month ago)
First off YAY to diversity. 10, 9 and 8 were good then I go bored 4 had on some beautiful clothing that carried her 3 has a clumsy walk. 2 looks like she levitating love her 1 wasn't special (her walk) to me.
물안개 (1 month ago)
최소라 사 랑 해 요
adut is so gorgeous
Edith Hannes (1 month ago)
I mean, they to skinny
Jayen Aaliyah (1 month ago)
Whats this based on??? Its all completely subjective to the designer. So what
Great information
소은혜 (1 month ago)
와 최소라가̑̈ 지리는데 ..?
Amelia Smith (1 month ago)
Imaan is literally perfect. Her expression isn't like she wants to kill you and it's not to flirty either. She owns it.
teemokale (1 month ago)
the number 9 is os ugly omg
Lauren (1 month ago)
Adut’s titties said IM HERE
Michio Yukihyou (1 month ago)
i get the point! #1 is cos she have boobs unlike else in this top 10 )))
Todd B (1 month ago)
J K (1 month ago)
Adut, Yasmin, Imaan.
Fede Tores (1 month ago)
I didn't like Victoria's that much, she is gorgerous though
Amy lilith (1 month ago)
now i understand why the walk is important it adds such charisma
Michael Regan (1 month ago)
does anyone know what show is at 9:23 ???
Paris Fenty (1 month ago)
What the name of the last song
Eve Fit (1 month ago)
Most of the walks were the same maybe 1 or 2 were different.
뽺꽦 (1 month ago)
최소라가 한국인 인게 너무 자랑스럽고 기쁘다
Altering Attitude (1 month ago)
These people are so fucking confident
Luna T (1 month ago)
Song at 2:24?
Sabrina Michaael (1 month ago)
Nahhh none of them walk like supermodel naomi, tyra, karlie kloss and etc
Tuong Van Nguyen (1 month ago)
Karlie's walk can kill 🔥🔥🔥
I am Joshua Aaron his international identify is full on powerful and I am training in the morning and Angel is coming to the Runway party today
merrcy 1d (2 months ago)
they all are a real supermodel this generation not the instagram model❤
Jasmine Hassan (1 month ago)
laBelle (2 months ago)
I came here after watching videos of Naomi Campbell walk...most of these women seem bland and heavy footed in comparison. Imaan seemed to inject a little flair into her walk, as did Adut.
Rembrandt (2 months ago)
90% of runway models are made to wear some seriously ugly clothes. Had to thumb this down
Aristotelis Chrysaphidis (2 months ago)
Iman is everything ♡
Archie Redman (2 months ago)
Shit camera work.
비 비 (2 months ago)
진짜 진짜 사소하지만 최소라 브랜드마다 표정 워킹 바꾸는거 정말...
American Alien (2 months ago)
It’s a walk, how do you evaluate them?
Morgzie Chicken nuggets (2 months ago)
Adut is a goddess!
PRIYA Thakur (2 months ago)
kaia can walk so good
Sora choi 😍
Maybe a Pervert (2 months ago)
Idk...but they are just too cringey...the walk are too fast,their legs are almost gonna break ..just ... nothing makes them/their walks stand out. And it's not their fault...but..yep.And that Yasmine girl...just...nope.
Jimmy misle (2 months ago)
BS list and Adut should be in the top 3..
nicokid007 (2 months ago)
Can someone please tell me which show the last one was?
Valeria Seymore (2 months ago)
Naomi Campbell was not #1 she could walk all they asses under the runway
patricia (2 months ago)
I wish they could eat :c
Rheannon F (2 months ago)
The Feeling Is Mutual (2 months ago)
You know they have it when their heels look like they are magnetized to the floor on each down step.
뽑은기준이뭔지궁금함. 그리고 마네킹을사람화하고싶어서특히여혐남들이 여성에게더 하라하는 직업같음. 엄청난다이어트를요구하는거라생각함. 소라님있어서놀람. 해외사이트아님?
Shreeya Kudchadkar (2 months ago)
Kendall who? Gigi who? Bella who?
Sharmin Jahan (2 months ago)
Grace Elizabeth is one hell of a beauty
Alya c (2 months ago)
adut 😍
Exohoe Fanatic (2 months ago)
Adut, Imaan and Kaia were the best for me.
Tanja Todd (2 months ago)
Imaan has got a typical perfect walk
flai d (2 months ago)
adut have a better catwalk them most of the girls in higher positions
Dana (2 months ago)
Victoria Ceretti (#8) is gorgeous but I find her hands a little awkward when she walks. I feel like she isn't quite sure what to do with them.
A (2 months ago)
Deniel Shirley (2 months ago)
So so glad Kendall, Cara and the Hadid's weren't put as number 1. Don't get me wrong they are absolutely amazing editorial models, it would have been very expected and popularity based.
Haider Ramos Guerra (2 months ago)
Have you seen Lineisy Montero? She rock the catwalk!
Lovebird (2 months ago)

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