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🔴 Soldiers Coming Home Surprise Compilation 84

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Soldiers return home from deployment to surprise their families and pets in this heartwarming compilation. Welcome Home Soldiers! Best Military Homecomings 2018 Compilation 82 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLQueN0wJok&index=83&list=PLc98bHv6h08TTDLOA7jaFOrzsZolTfDCa Thanks for watching! Dont Forget to Like and Subscribe :) I claim no ownership over the music or the clips. the clips belong to the respective families. If your video is in this compilation and you would like your part to be removed or credited please contact us! Copyright Disclaimer: Section 107 contains a list of the various purposes for which the reproduction of a particular work may be considered fair, such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Section 107 also sets out four factors to be considered in determining whether or not a particular use is fair. The purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes The nature of the copyrighted work The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole The effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work This video is for entertainment only and it's use and monetization is protected as "fair use" as described in the copywrite act. I am the creator of this video. #Surprise #Emotional #MilitaryHomecoming #Homecomings
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Text Comments (939)
Jonathan Hall (7 hours ago)
Love how kids just charge head long into their dad without slowing down.
james phipps (17 hours ago)
Thank you forever you do for L our country you are the Real heroes
Adriana Reyes (1 day ago)
Why am I watching these??? I always cry 😭
kev3d (2 days ago)
Oh no...that little princess...cuteness overload!
fightrrrrr (2 days ago)
God bless every single one of you soldiers and every single one of the people in your families. It’s a crazy world right now, but even though I live as a civilian, I guarantee with every single ounce of me, I’ll stand beside you through thick and thin
Bahwash2 Monthly (3 days ago)
1:46 this bitch with the phone recording 😂
John Dyer (3 days ago)
Amazing that it takes months away from home before most women will appreciate a man.
Golden skeptic (3 days ago)
Doesn't these videos make you think that why are the people of the earth are fighting in the first place???
Sara Kaushal (3 days ago)
For anyone considering filming something and uploading to YouTube...STOP FILMING VERTICALLY! The quality is shit after that
munir dion (3 days ago)
Rachael Petty (4 days ago)
I thank all who have served. These videos always bring tears. My father served 20 years I know how happy loved ones are to see service men and women come home safe. Again my heart to servers and families who make it threw safe. Bless you..
PEACE KEEPER_YT (5 days ago)
These things make me want to join the army... (My age is the only thing stopping me because i’m only 14 lol)
PEACE KEEPER_YT (4 days ago)
FatherlandFinland ϞϞ good luck man!
PEACE KEEPER_YT I’m so glad finland has a mandatory army! I’m 15 (soon 16) and i can’t wait to go to army!
Tish B (5 days ago)
Started crying straight away 😂 My dad came back from folklands not so long ago and even tho I knew he was coming home I none stopped cried because I didn’t see him for 7 months :/ it was the hardest thing of my life 😭😭
Ofelia Paile (5 days ago)
the girl dropping her pom-poms had me weak😂
Pui Puii Kholhring (5 days ago)
So sweet
Gabrielk 2024 (5 days ago)
0:28 Fuckers gave gramps PTSD LOL
un tizio su youtube (4 days ago)
Rip Iraq : 3000 ad - 2003
Zartyze Playz (4 days ago)
That cool
un tizio su youtube (4 days ago)
+Zartyze Playz mb i use ac in italian but since this is english i have to say ad not ac 😅
Zartyze Playz (4 days ago)
U mean ad
Sindy Torres (6 days ago)
9:20 the red-head on his laptop wtf just happen oh her dad meh fornite
King Speedy (7 days ago)
Does anyone know how much families they have ruined nd how much orphans they have left behinde in Iraq nd Afghanistan before getting back to their love ones.???
[88-25] DeBats (5 days ago)
If country's like Iraq and Afghanistan had better people to rule it or people with another mindset then killing the white people in those country's kids are learn from the age of 7 to kill people to rape to murder by there parents and other soldiers just because they have been learned that way too you are not smart are whatever
un tizio su youtube (5 days ago)
Smartest comment untill now
Anneliese Keir (7 days ago)
can i like dis video more than once? and also, why would 678 people dislike dis? there is nothing to dislike about soldiers, who are serving Australia ad beyond, surprising their families after there tours.
Yerlik Zharylgapov (15 hours ago)
Anneliese Keir because they kill other families in other countries
Dhanya Ludwig (7 days ago)
I hate we need armies but it tears me up when they come home and see loved ones
Jenna Welch (8 days ago)
I just wanna say a special thanks to all the men and women who protect us! Quite a few of my family members served and still serve and i appreciate them with all my heart. And another special thank you to the ones who passed serving our country. We couldnt make it without yall. God bless🌹❤
un tizio su youtube (5 days ago)
"protect us" ?
Quintessence of Life (8 days ago)
CevinVlogs (9 days ago)
This is awesome, I have my homecoming surprise on my page ! Check it out :)
gil lehrer (9 days ago)
The U.S., the world police! Here' are soldiers coming home after having killed a lot of enemies on foreign lands...and civilians TOO !!!
[88-25] DeBats (13 hours ago)
Yerlik Zharylgapov yeah they can have one but every good civ Will not use it i’m talking about the Guys like ISIS not the good civ he is talking trash about the army when he knows shit about it
Yerlik Zharylgapov (15 hours ago)
[88-25] DeBats civilians can have AK 47 .
[88-25] DeBats (5 days ago)
civillians with AK-47? shooting at them? are you a special agent that nows who dies and who not? no you are not yeah shut up then
Сколько счастья!))) попросту красота!
Natalie Delosantos (9 days ago)
4:58 the kid was like wha what’s going on here
CarlHarvey Buelba (11 days ago)
Cherish every moments with your parents until they r still alive...respect and love them unconditionally ....
Michael Lacey (11 days ago)
These examples are the tip of mainstream media’s militarizing of empathy. Military families, separated by America’s so-called “global war on terrorism,” are suddenly reunited – briefly — in surprise homecomings. Military propaganda at its best https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/05/09/the-militarization-of-empathy/
Justin Williams (11 days ago)
8:43 And the reward for most controlled reaction goes to.....
Justin Williams (11 days ago)
4:11 I love how he just casually strolls in like nothings up.
Bunny Feet (12 days ago)
I'm just smiling ear to ear full time when I watch this
Susan Reddy (13 days ago)
We wouldn't be family if we didn't get emotional when our men and women who served our country came home from deployment. God bless each and every one of them.
That Guy (13 days ago)
"I abandoned my family to murder people but I need you to appreciate I randomly decided my wife and children were important again."
That Guy (15 hours ago)
+Tim Crenshaw All that bitching when you could've told me what "more" there is to the military instead of whining about how I don't understand. See, here's my issue with you twats: you're self-important to the point I'm supposed to kiss your ass, too. Wrong. Fucking WRONG. One of my best friends died in Operation Iraqi Freedom, so don't try guilting me into doing it either. If I can talk this after losing that man, you have precious little hope of changing my mind. As a side note: eat shit with telling anyone what they can say and when. No one asked you to put in your two cents either, but again, you're self-important and everyone needs to hear what YOU think. Lmfao, you guys are cookie cutter numbnuts.
Yerlik Zharylgapov (15 hours ago)
Tim Crenshaw like what?
Tim Crenshaw (13 days ago)
Yeeeaaa.....you can just go ahead and fuck off!! There is a whole lot more to the military than just war, get out of here with your uneducated, ignorant comment!!
Lyzzie K. (14 days ago)
Some of these were so boring...I came to cry! Not see people at dinner!
Christopher Beaton,Jr (13 days ago)
Lyzzie K. Facts
Brendon Urie (15 days ago)
My dad is in the army. Haven’t seen him in years. I’ve cried through the entire video not because it was so happy but because my dad doesn’t love me that much take time out of his day to visit me
Yar _16 (15 days ago)
0:40 what are you doing here? Omg I see my mom 😂😭😭
1.M Subscribers (15 days ago)
Glad they didn't die :3
Marius Pazera (15 days ago)
God Bless you American patriots and the familys. And make America great again
Tyra Banks (18 days ago)
There are beautiful things that happen in ur life and one of them is this video when soldiers come back home
Grandpa almost fainted 🤣🤣
This iš not so emotional
Greative DIY (19 days ago)
Allie Audten (19 days ago)
I never got to see my dad come back 😔😕😢
Kerry Pomeroy (19 days ago)
I’m so sorry. God bless you and your family.
Jessie & Tillie vlogs (19 days ago)
I literally cried the whole way thro this😂
Cutting onions! I love them so much! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Eira Pettersen (21 days ago)
The girl at 09:06 reaction is so funny♥️
JuanCarlos Reyna (23 days ago)
I have the outmost respect for our men and women in arms😭😭😭😭
Craig Livingston (24 days ago)
I could be gone for 10,000 years and my family would be like.... Meh. Benefits of being a dick
skyler 95 (25 days ago)
what about the children in the other country who are now without parents
It's not because of this tho
Geek4Gaming (25 days ago)
I love how much amercian people respects and loves there military Soldiers, lots off Respect from UK.
Amanda Whisnant (15 days ago)
I'm american and watched zulu not too long ago, with sir michael caine. I'm getting the goose bumps typing this but I can't get over 158 British (welsh?) soldiers fighting off 3-4000 zulu is remarkable in itself. Much respect to caine for being a veteran himself
Roblox Wall-E (26 days ago)
Prays to all who are fighting or lost their lives doing so.
Zoeth (26 days ago)
@9:15 where are your ribbon there ps2?
marisol ortiz (26 days ago)
Thank you soldiers for your service and all you sacrifice to keep us safe. May God Bless you and yours always.
Nevaeh Reza (27 days ago)
My dad can’t come he left me with the memory of him telling me I shouldn’t be alive
Mario Bracamonte (25 days ago)
Damn girl that's horrible..I'm sorry to hear that I really am.
Phil Taylor (27 days ago)
Love seeing this, I was close to joining Royal marines until they found I had heart problems, can only imagine the happiness these people feel when they see one of military career suddenly walk through the door 😊
Trew Bro (24 days ago)
Are you from America if you are go fuck yourself and jump of a building
Arief Dayat (28 days ago)
04:48 is he said "mom, aku datang?" Its indonesian language
Michel Bitton (28 days ago)
God bless all these soldiers returning home and their families. lots of respect from Israel know the feeling
JIMINIE PABO (29 days ago)
Wow... I can never feel what these people are feeling. Never got a dad's love. I am really unlucky. I wish I was one of them, who would be proud of their father. Instead I cry everyday
AddictofFilm (1 month ago)
what's the deal with all the thumbs down?!!?! Whats not to like???
Mao Garsiya (1 month ago)
Coming home after kill peoples innocents in other countries ?
Thomas Jefferson (1 month ago)
JOIN THE MILITARY ,and you too can go to other countries ROBBING,MURDERING,RAPING WOMEN AND CHILDREN for your DADDY satan and his BANKER AND OIL COMPANY FRIENDS...I'll bet their ain't one single person in the military who can find AMERICA ON A MAP,the COUNTRY they swore to GOD to protect...and NEVER have....
Gautam Nag (1 month ago)
solders coming home and their grandparents leaving earth @ 0:30
Kendel Baker (1 month ago)
me before: im not going to cry Me after : wawawaawaaawawwawaw
African Hut (1 month ago)
like i appreciate the whole surprised coming home , but what i dont get ( some cant get of ther bdu coming striaght from landing ) but is the showboating in public with their uniform , like , u cant surprise somebody in jeans and shirt? wont they reconise you if you don't show them " hey im in the military , love me " , like in the stats , i swear more people join the military just to be able to say , they have been in it , rather than actually wanting to. this is just my opinion , dont get upset.
Jay West (1 month ago)
5:48 All of these make me tear up, so did this girl. I also chuckled at the sound she made, almost sounded like a Velociraptor lol not making fun of her btw a daughter's love for her dad is quite strong.
Lisa Smith (1 month ago)
my eyes are raining
Joseph Usher (1 month ago)
My homecomings were in the 1980's - 90's, and all we cared about was just getting home to our families, who, by the way, were waiting right on the pier for our sub to return. I don't understand how these servicemen can even surprise their families, unless they're getting home early or the date changed and the family didn't get notified. But back in my day, our squadron made sure everyone knew when we would be at the pier. Of course, we didn't have social media back then, which was a good thing, because that was at the height of the Cold War, when we cared about Operational Security.
88Shortfuse (1 month ago)
I wish people would learn how to film video with their phones so it shows up full screen, turn your phone horizontal to get full screen. Love these videos though.
T Landreth (1 month ago)
Very awesome 👍
PHILanthrop MotoVlox (1 month ago)
What are u doing here ? Sorry i only want to come home ^^
Mr egg (1 month ago)
0:28 grandpa almost went away.....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
billie is my mom (1 month ago)
Thumbnail at 00:00 thank me later ;)
kane Li (1 month ago)
I hope all soldiers coming home safe.
Mo Betta (1 month ago)
Time to break up the monotony...instead of the military people coming home and surprising their families, the military people's family members fly out to surprise them while they're on the battlefield. #newbeginnings
steve henrichs (1 month ago)
kyle kendall (1 month ago)
Much love and respect ❤️
InSwaT (1 month ago)
Ну воин год либо два бухал либо посиживал на наркоте ... вот служба) иди послужи хотябы пару месяцев в российские воиска) они не выдержут даже пару недель в дон 100)
pepperVenge (1 month ago)
my dad never came home.
brajamtho757 (1 month ago)
Just think. Leftists HATE these people. Sick.
Tilden Mueller (1 month ago)
Can we just take a moment to honor those who didn’t come back
Sold to be Diers (1 month ago)
''For None are closer to the Author of Sacrifice Himself... Than Those who choose to perform it for the Sake of Others!'' -gilpin 41319 & Their Loved One's Know It!
Ginger Vinson (1 month ago)
I get so emotional watching theses vids
Ellen Breumlund (1 month ago)
I cried of joy through the whole video
Semir Kurtovic (1 month ago)
Arent we all..I Remember when I came from Afghanistan :)
Sara Broe (1 month ago)
I wish for a world without soldiers.
Shlok Chitnis (8 days ago)
Yeeessss...no soldiers,no resistance,no terrorists
Clara (1 month ago)
oh my god
Ross r (1 month ago)
Leaving their kids for 6 months at a time to go shoot brown people in the desert for corrupt politicians.....heroes ?
kyle kendall (1 month ago)
So, you're telling me you're going to complain when we shoot them but they're able to fly planes into our towers, and pentagon killing innocent men, women, and children but we don't complain about them? What dumb asses, I swear.
Denise R (1 month ago)
Gary (1 month ago)
Thank you for your service fellas, and Welcome Home!!! God Bless you!
Gary (1 month ago)
Soldiers or not, THIS IS WHY DAD'S ARE IMPORTANT TO BE IN THE HOME! Their kids need and love them. Step up dads!
Ronnie Agha (1 month ago)
Shoutout to all those who came home to no hearos welcome. No celebrations or parties, just did their duty for their fellow soldiers and their country. #madrespect
Mr Porker (1 month ago)
Hes wearing his white rope from tech school lol what a brat
sam mortazavi (1 month ago)
Soldiers are murderers and that is all they'll ever be, they should be treated like dogs cuz they lost their humanity the second they decided to kill another human
Niall Kavanagh (1 month ago)
AbsoluteMachine (1 month ago)
I just want to say thank you to all of our military personnel that is serving, served, or will serve. thank you so much!
Ann Hughes (1 month ago)
Love watching the videos makes me cry every time
kyle kendall (1 month ago)
Much love and respect ❤️ Have a wonderful rest of your day
Zmrdus Kulervus (1 month ago)
Terorist cominf home... fck u U.S.A.
JC hacksman (1 month ago)
The dogs reaction is the best
Stephanie Kwan (1 month ago)
lol "what the heck...I did not see you"
toastiiex (1 month ago)
2:11 Daddy! 😂😁
Mike (1 month ago)
This is gonna be me someday, I ship to boot camp in May!
Patriot Prime (1 month ago)
You got this brother be strong
Mario Greaca (1 month ago)
Mike good luck out there brother👌🏼💪🏼
PyramidOfGiza (1 month ago)
SCREW YOU I'm bawling my eyes out

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