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15 MOST Luxurious Fashion Brands

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From Oscar de la Renta to Chanel, here are some of the most lavish and prestigious fashion brands. Subscribe to Hindered Thoughts http://goo.gl/d3U3RP 6. Chanel The high fashion wear company was introduced to the world back in 1909 by none other than Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, otherwise known as “Coco Chanel.” This is where the brand gets its inspiration for the famously recognizable logo that is two interlocking C’s. The company specializes in creating haute couture for its wealthy clients but also for fashion models like Naomi Campbell, who once modeled for them, and actresses Marilyn Monroe, Keira Knightley, and Nicole Kidman. One of their most famous products is the perfume No. 5 de Chanel, along with the Chanel Suit. Today, Chanel is valued at being $6.8 billion dollars. An interesting fact to note is that Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director behind Fendi, happens to be the creative director for Chanel as well. 5. Prada Founded back in 1913 by Mario Prada, this fashion brand actually started out by manufacturing leather bags and trunks. It would then evolve into selling everything from clothing to perfume and even a brief stint of LG Prada cell phones. Though the brand may have broadened its inventory, it still spends the majority of its focus creating some of the world’s most exclusive handbags that only the rich and famous can possibly hope to afford. Mario Prada believed that women should not be involved in business so he excluded his own family members from getting involved. In a fantastic twist of irony, his son did not care to run the business so his daughter Luisa Prada took over as his successor and is now currently being run by her daughter Miuccia. 4. House of Versace The fashion empire that is the House of Versace all started with fashion designer Gianni Versace back in 1978. He created a brand that has been synonymous with elegance and simply oozes high fashion. His glamorous gowns have gone on to make a name for himself as a respected designer. Like the case of the famous black dress held with gold safety pins that actress Elizabeth Hurley wore back in 1994 to the premiere of Four Weddings and A Funeral. Sadly, Versace’s life was cut short in 1997 on the steps of his Miami mansion when he became the fifth and final victim of Andrew Cunanan. The tragic event will be the story behind American Crime Story’s season 2 titled: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. After his death, his sister Donatella became the new Artistic Director and has established a $5.5 billion company her brother would be proud of. 3. Gucci Started in 1921 by a Mr. Guccio Gucci, the company was originally dabbing in leather goods. It wasn’t until 19 years later when his son Aldo would take the company from being a one-stop shop into the fashion powerhouse that it’s now known for being. It’s Aldo that would usher in the era of the brand’s iconic “Bamboo Bag” and its “ready to wear segments.” In the 90’s, the company decided to bring American Fashion designer Tom Ford to revamp their women’s wear. He ended up helping launch the brand to where it is today. The fashion brand houses other well-known designers in its collections such as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Yves Saint Laurent. If you’re in the market to do some shopping at this $12.4 billion brand, expect to spend at least $2,000. 2. Louis Vuitton This may come as a shock but the famous fashion brand has been around longer than you might have thought. Formed 163 years ago in 1854, a young man by the name of Louis Vuitton started out as an apprentice for a box-maker. Vuitton ended up becoming a well-known crafter of luxury trunks and opened up his own shop in Paris. He then ended up becoming the personal box-maker of Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugenie de Montijo. Fast forward years later and the company is now worth $28.1 billion with a generated revenue of $10.1 billion. Today, Louis Vuitton doesn’t make just trunks but designer handbags and clothing that can be spotted on the most famous of A-listers. 1. Balenciaga The beginning of Balenciaga’s reign began back in 1919 when it was established by its founder of the same name, Cristóbal Balenciaga. As a young child, Balenciaga became an apprentice to a tailor in his hometown of Getaria, Spain and would eventually get his formal training in Madrid. He would go on to create the House of Balenciaga and skyrocketed to success thanks to his artistic genius. He was hailed as the undisputed “ King of Fashion” and was highly respected among his peers which included the likes of Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and Pierre Balmain. Balenciaga even helped train the likes of high-fashion designers Oscar de la Renta and Hubert Givenchy to name a few.
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Text Comments (1559)
Lia C (2 days ago)
Someone please buy me Balenciaga sneaker socks! Its only $795
MageD (2 days ago)
I have a Gucci t-shirt
No Name (2 days ago)
What about Ross
Venturardo (3 days ago)
Tom Ford?
Jonas Harkamp (3 days ago)
Where is Moncler and Valentino
Luca Kanegis (3 days ago)
How is Hermes not number 1, some of their handbags are 100,000 dollars
Trương Hiển (3 days ago)
where is dior?
dêmønic (5 days ago)
SathGame :3 (5 days ago)
En realidad, en orden decreciente sería: 1-Hermès 2-Saint Laurent 3-Balmain Paris 4-Christian Louboutin 5-Buscemi 6-Dior 7-Burberry 8-Chanel 9-Valentino- 10-Alexander Mc Queen 11-Louis Vuitton 12-Prada 13-Versace 14-Dolce&Gabanna 15-Tiffany&Co 16-Gucci 17-Balenciaga 18-Armani 19-Hugo Boss (Edit) 20-Ralph Laurent 21-Cartier 22-Christian Lacroix 23- Off-White
Rujuana Afrin (5 days ago)
I really love this Gucci brand.
mosh tolia (6 days ago)
Where moshino ...?
Manjari Pandey (6 days ago)
The name of the video should be - 15 brands that you can't afford
mojo (8 days ago)
Ansel Ronnie (8 days ago)
All of this in china, less than 20 bucks
Frz1902 Andrian (8 days ago)
But where is BALMAIN ???
EXO is My Universe (8 days ago)
Kai is Korea's Walking Gucci👑
Tsewang Dorji Lang (8 days ago)
No!!.. It's Taehyung TaeTae
Yang C (9 days ago)
where tf is Christian louboutin at?
Boris Danailov (9 days ago)
No streetwear?
Putul Shee (9 days ago)
Everyone-where is my fav company? Me- poor girl watching this video and looking at the empty purse
Sunghyun Park (10 days ago)
Hermes should be no. 1
Rælli (10 days ago)
Maison Margiela ? Ysl ? Valentino ? Bulgari ? Ferragamo ? Moncler ?Hugo Boss ? Moschino ? DSquared2 ? Ralph Lauren is not even comparable to these brands...
yo!! yo!! (10 days ago)
Where the fock is NIKE
Shubham dixit (10 days ago)
Where is adibas ? 😌
Ajna Fidani (11 days ago)
Chris Is funny (12 days ago)
Who else thought FERRAGAMO was number 1
Luis Trolls (12 days ago)
maheshrao bankar (12 days ago)
rbn_ kmn (12 days ago)
Where is Phillip plein
Dip Kid (13 days ago)
3:32 Demonetized for 🅱️🅾️🅾️🅱️s
Oh Really (13 days ago)
Where was mcm
shoukkath zakkariya (14 days ago)
Where is MONT BLANC???🤭
TurtleDragon (14 days ago)
Were is Moncler
I didnt hear something about Harry Styles in the Gucci part. Dissapointed
shrabani sensharma (14 days ago)
When I said GUCCI ...... the 1st thing came in my mind is V from BTS ..... 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
oh yeah yeah (9 days ago)
ur weird
Nikita Sachdeva (12 days ago)
Oh army here too 💜
V (14 days ago)
Nishat Yousuf (14 days ago)
I like givenchy most
Romaric Guilbert (15 days ago)
If your a Gucci gang member and you only came here for Gucci and you don’t want to waste time 9:00 No thx needed
Romaric Guilbert (14 days ago)
V (14 days ago)
appreaciate it👍
Gesù Cristo (15 days ago)
Philip plein
Youssef Ossama (15 days ago)
Where is offwhite bitches 😂😂
davi gangaram (15 days ago)
Why are Givenchy and Chanel so low on the list.It should be in the top 5 atleast
Shehza Hassan (16 days ago)
rockin' rithzy (16 days ago)
The thumbnail reminds me of taetae..😂😂
demon forums (16 days ago)
How can Burberry be 1 behind Ralph Lauren
Antonz YT (16 days ago)
I could afford them but I wanna save money. *.*
Bella Min (17 days ago)
I'm not a big fans of luxurious fashion brand but I really do loves Versace so much. I know a lots of people that think Versace's signature design are very messy/too much but that black and gold vibe just...beautiful.........
Izzy A (17 days ago)
Isn’t duh-the-best-Kate spade a luxury brand
Gucci Perfume (17 days ago)
Tom Ford???
Gucci Perfume (17 days ago)
Armani & Ralph Lauren? But no Hugo Boss or Tommy Hilfiger... hmmm
Robin Bernard (17 days ago)
Love me some Luxury items ❤️❤️❤️
奶昔 JTT (17 days ago)
Chanel should be the most expensive one. Because I can afford all of these brand's handbags except Chanel😂
Edo Minasyan (18 days ago)
Valentino,Briony,Stefano Ricci,Tom Ford ,Hugo Boss ,Philip Plein,Roberto Cavalli,Zilli,E.Zegna,Botega Venetta,Joop,Oscar De La Renta,Billionare.......
Last Empire (19 days ago)
Where the hell is *Dollar store* 😂😂😂😂
Last Empire (16 days ago)
+Sam Bett it's ok ass hole
Sam Bett (18 days ago)
Last Empire no prob, stupid.
Last Empire (18 days ago)
+Sam Bett thanks
Sam Bett (18 days ago)
Last Empire ur so funny
Franxxx Xxx (19 days ago)
Where’s new balance at?
richie ESTIVA (20 days ago)
Wheres DKNY......?
Where the fuck is Tommy Hilfiger ?
Bitterness Here (22 days ago)
Where is Valentino and Saint lauent
betsy league (22 days ago)
wheres louis vuitton
4LI BO55 (22 days ago)
Prada srsly?
I JJyanez I (23 days ago)
I’m not wearing dolce and gabbana that shit was made by 2 gay men💀
Blessed Mahere (23 days ago)
How is baleciaga number 1
Blessed Mahere (23 days ago)
The video would be so much better if the voice was posh
Blessed Mahere (23 days ago)
The video would be so much better if the voice was posh
Pongy Pal (23 days ago)
Why am i here? Why was this in my recommendations? I can’t relate to any of u all in the comment sections cause i don’t have any of those branded things
Lilliana Mandujano (24 days ago)
0:38 ? anyone ? not to be rude but the "lady" figure scared the heck out of me! *Shook to the Core* *cough* continues to watch video..
Bob Pickletin (24 days ago)
Walmart still makes more money than all these "luxury" places
JEZZER-99 (7 days ago)
for the masses ;)
Wezoku Medo (24 days ago)
Where is adidus ,Mike and mupa😁😂
victorianxx (25 days ago)
It should be 1. Gucci 2. Louis Vuitton 3. Versace 4. Chanel 5. Hermès 6. Burberry 7. Prada 8. Bulgari 9. Dior 10. Balenciaga
Luca Kanegis (3 days ago)
Hermes should be number one by far
Jace says Leave (5 days ago)
Its sad that gucci is so respected in the high fashion world but its become a streetwear clout chaser brand and it makes dissapointes
geolizard (9 days ago)
you got it correct
oh yeah yeah (9 days ago)
balenciaga should be at least at 3rd place in my opinion
Amber Msp xxx (16 days ago)
victorianxx bulgrai 10 dior 8 balenciaga 9
victorianxx (25 days ago)
Balmain isnt that good either
victorianxx (25 days ago)
Balenciaga is shit and gucci should be 1
Riley Mcclelland (26 days ago)
Well you forgot Saint Laurent Salvatore Ferragamo And Christian louboutin
Abdullah Urfa (24 days ago)
Riley Mcclelland and Phillip plein
Mubashir Bakht (26 days ago)
I have the Gucci sharts
HUMAIRA Akter (17 days ago)
+Kale Strahota Good idea!
Kale Strahota (17 days ago)
+HUMAIRA Akter why dont u learn his language?
HUMAIRA Akter (17 days ago)
Learn before you comment something in English.😀
Hiba Channir (26 days ago)
We buy from them all
YOUSSEF aabab benani (28 days ago)
I have Yves Saint Laurent's clothes and a hermes's clothes and balanciaga jogging
Louie Lynggaard (23 days ago)
YOUSSEF aabab benani and bad grammar
gaurav stha (28 days ago)
Where is goldstar? #nepalese😃😃
Gabriel Khawas (3 days ago)
gaurav stha yes vaniz
Jungkook's Wifeu (28 days ago)
Tory burch?
Atem (1 month ago)
No Valentino ? Monclaire ?
SAID MPANYU (1 month ago)
amaizing brands🙂
blend haliti (1 month ago)
my list: 1.Lacoste 2.Hugo Boss 3.Gucci 4.Versace 5.Armani
blend haliti (1 month ago)
Sanije Latifi (1 month ago)
where is lacoste
Frederik Kert (1 month ago)
What about MCM, Christian Louboutin, Guiseppe Zanotti, Saint Laurent, Stone Island, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Goyard, Mulberry, Marcelo Burlon, Philipp Plein and Off White?
Kids closet (1 month ago)
Rahamath Pasha (1 month ago)
You mean to say 15most over priced brands thats makes no sense? 300 dollars for a T-shirt.... Ridiculous.
Avakin Brandy (1 month ago)
wtf is roberto cavalli
jolly raghuwanshi (1 month ago)
Where is hugo boss??
Michael Kors?
Ralf K (1 month ago)
What about zara
Younus Wali (1 month ago)
Gucci good
Damiano (1 month ago)
How is Balenciaga the most luxurious... they literally make sweaters that just say “balenciaga” and have shoes that look like socks. I’m sorry but Gucci or Louis Vuitton should’ve token that spot.
Mitali Jadhav (1 month ago)
Izah Sohail (1 month ago)
Gucci reminds me of Kai 🙃
Nicholas Elsarraf (1 month ago)
Where is the brand Champion
Nikolas Paz (1 month ago)
Here’s my list 15)Balenciaga 14)Bvlgari 13)Dolce & Gabbana 12)Fendi 11)Burberry 10)Dior 9)Cartier 8)Tiffany & Co 7)Yves Saint Laurent 6)Prada 5)Versace 4)Gucci 3)Louis Vuitton 2)Chanel 1)Hermés
Nikolas Paz (1 month ago)
Hermès should be Number 1
Mystical_cookies playz (1 month ago)
Where the fric Walmart,Superstore,Costco at witches
Aishawarya Shrestha (1 month ago)
Where’s Rolex?
Mathis Zickenheiner (1 month ago)
whats the name from watch at 4.58min
DAVID 30 (1 month ago)
Where is supreme
Tanvi Kaur (1 month ago)
I have Burberry Armani Ralph Lauren
Cameron Smith (1 month ago)
Gucci is a piece of shit in my opinion only thing I’d ever purchase from them is there socks.
Nikola X (1 month ago)
Where is supreme
ramenshit (1 month ago)
supreme is streetwear. not luxury

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