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"Obliterating Problems Is My Job." - Military Man

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A particularly poignant interaction with a military man who -- until about an hour before -- had never even heard of Abraham. "You've got to offer a signal about what you want, not about the absence of what you want." "The problems that you are attempting to obliterate are getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bolder. It does not work." "When you go general, there is so much that you want, that is right on target. You want a better functioning world. You want the majority of people to live in peace and harmony. You want the children of the world to eat and feel secure. You want physical well-being. You want it so much that you're willing to do everything in your power in order to achieve it." Excerpted from Abraham LIVE -- Boston, MA 9/29/12. All things Abraham: www.abraham-hicks.com All Abraham-Hicks materials, recordings and Workshops are copyrighted by Esther Hicks and may not be shared or re-broadcast without permission.
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Tracey Rayner (2 years ago)
That was an amazing
Mama- -Rua (2 years ago)
Wow so amazing, I thought it was odd he had to say he paid for them to go, but his emotion at the end was so real and his hugging of Esther was beautiful.
Ben Chaussee (2 years ago)
DURAN X (2 years ago)
Love that hug of gratitude, from a former skeptical one, we could feel simultaneously it too!!✨✨✨💛✨✨✨
Tess Badiango (2 years ago)
I love it ...
Carolyn Vines (2 years ago)
OMG! She let him hug her!!!!!!! She doesn't usually allow that! It's because he didn't ask and I'm glad to see it happened. That was beautiful! I've got tears in my eyes. This one is a keeper! It's going into my Favorites file.
Kathyest (2 years ago)
The hug !!!!! Amazing!!!
Susan Exler (3 years ago)
What a beautiful man. I hope he makes choices that put a smile on his face and a lightness in his step. He doesn't deserve such sadness with the pureness of character and the deep desire to protect the good things of life that he has.
Lucius-Blackheart (3 years ago)
Added to my favorites. The man's logic, simplicity, sincerity, and desire for a family was very touching. Seeing both their facial expression and body language adds more impact to the message. I really need to attend one of the workshops. I wish they would hold one in NYC.
sunshinefitness (3 years ago)
i.have chivers
Random (3 years ago)
This was enlightening. Thank you
hotternfyr (3 years ago)
My 2nd time watching it, struggling to not "chain-watch" it right now. Because I had to come say 1st: how much I loved it, the message, the beautiful, beautiful soul of the gentleman, and 2nd: I've wondered both times if his girlfriend was there with him as he did not say that she had invited him.... Not that it matters to me, I had only the wish that she received the same "aha" moment(s), and that she could get into alignment and they could have that family!!! Beautiful!!! Thanks Abraham/Esther!!!!!
Celeste G (3 years ago)
The power of law of attraction.
marina leven (4 years ago)
tyvm for sharing.:)
Bunmi Ogunleye (4 years ago)
I am grateful for this interaction. I find so much peace with the knowledge I get from Abraham Hicks.
Ema Ema (4 years ago)
that moment of understand; the palpable shift that he and everyone in that room have when Abraham says that, tears come to my eyes
SasserN8 (4 years ago)
Omg Love this guy!!!!! Extremely sincere and gentle. Wishing him and his partner love in abundance!!!!! And I sobbed one hell of an ugly cry when he hugged Abraham lol xx #moving  
Trevor Walker (4 years ago)
That was powerful!...You cannot fight what you cannot see. 
George Inotowok (4 years ago)
Interesting.  At the end, I had this thought, "I'd like to give that man a hug."   And then he goes to hug Abraham/Ester!  They usually don't do that at the end of their interactions.   Hmmmm.....
Rosalie DeGregory (4 years ago)
Didn't you just feel so much love for them both?  I got the goosebumps of spirit around me at the end. 
John Lebesis (4 years ago)
+Rosalie Parker Very much so Rosalie, couldn't agree more!
Asheesh Chopra (4 years ago)
Book of positive aspects is what needs to be practiced! Thank you Esther -Abraham!
Randhir Sinha (5 years ago)
I have been in the military. While you are trained to plan for the worst , you also think positive. Much of your ability to build morale comes from your ability to think positive.
Bas Waaijer (5 years ago)
Great guy, love the honesty and straightforwardness.
John Lebesis (4 years ago)
+cesar chavez Be sure to share your success, sorry to butt into the thread.. I'ts just always great hearing about peoples successes :) All the best!
cesar cesar (4 years ago)
TY young one and may Source be in you always <3  :)
cesar cesar (4 years ago)
TY Miss Santana , i just started to view Esther Hicks and i am being Blessed big time :)
cesar cesar (4 years ago)
+Idalia Santana Love how you say what you said :) 
seoreh (5 years ago)
That hug wasunexpected and very moving.
Terry Town (4 years ago)
yes it was, and I love that he did that. very moving indeed!
CA2APat (5 years ago)
HighHeartWellness (5 years ago)
One of the best clips!! Love the perspective about "fighting" any "fight"
Michael Rivers (5 years ago)
H.U.G.S = Helping Us Grow Spritually :)
Micheal Morris (4 years ago)
Genuine H.U.G.S Compile of the following attributes : Honesty, Understanding, Growth and Sharing
Michael Rivers (5 years ago)
Chuck S (5 years ago)
Amazing ! Esther you are amazing !
eyeOOsee (5 years ago)
This has to be the best clip ever with the hug!! I love hugs!!!
mylightningbug (5 years ago)
<3! speaks volumes.. Thank you Abraham!!
mylightningbug (5 years ago)
Awesome thanks Abraham!<3
e Christine (5 years ago)
Beautiful and Brilliant. He's sincere and looking for truth. His heart is receptive. I love his hug of deep appreciation and the tear in his eye too. That says a lot. Truth went deep.
NewsExplained (5 years ago)
Abraham, impressive as always, but when it comes to whether the military man actually understands the essence of this view of the world without having read the books.......
My Turn (5 years ago)
The art of allowing
Lorelei Korn (5 years ago)
freshair3451 (5 years ago)
What a good man.
Aries Leo Leo (5 years ago)
Every single cell of my body knows war is the wrong way to go,(unless we defend ourselves on our ground) I feel so sad for every person that thinks being in military is a great job,but this man,even if in the wrong field, is very special inside-out and that hug...beautiful!!!Hope he and his lady use this experience to concentrate on all positive aspects of their relationship!
Jay B (5 years ago)
Esther Hicks is the most inspirational woman on the planet; in my book she is my hero.
EmotionalManagement (5 years ago)
I agree -- this is what a real man is like. He's strong, yet gentle at the same time. He is going to have a very happy family.
drugstorerecords (5 years ago)
Rachel Jones (5 years ago)
Beautiful. Thank you. xx
Wendy Daley (5 years ago)
The most moving Abraham interaction I've EVER seen. Thank you Esther, Abraham (and Jerry).
Buchoass (5 years ago)
Focus on the good by giving it your deserving energy and de-serve the negative by not responding to it. eg. When people type negative comments on here, IGNORE them and Focus on the Good, pay attention to the negative but do not feed it and it will dissolve. ~Cheers~ B.Champagne
alexa2411051 (5 years ago)
Lisa Luminaire (5 years ago)
I bet you he left the military after this.
Simon Karlos (5 years ago)
This gentleman embodies the essence of a Real Man. He has brought Higher Consciousness to himself, the U.S. military, the world and to the universe. My deep appreciation to Esther, Jerry, Abraham, this gentleman and all. :)
lifecloud2 (6 years ago)
What a sweet, dear man this is.
Melissa Sarit (6 years ago)
oh I love it!
Angel (6 years ago)
haha me too, but you know it may take us years but we get there :)
A.McGhee (6 years ago)
That sent me spiraling into my Happy Place. I so understood where he was coming from. It was an example of how far I have come, I was not a fast learner, more like stubborn. Very good video.
Ateya Rich (6 years ago)
This is awesome!!!
Ni Na (6 years ago)
theres somethign abt this person which touches you, ? he talks straight from his heart,the vibes of a good soul:) God bless him
12thDecember (6 years ago)
You think about dying all the time because you believe that you are not living the life you want to live. When you have a thought, tag these words to the end: "and this is what I want." That's the signal you're sending! Try to focus and think and speak what you truly want: "My life is filled with great potential for love, health, and happiness ... and this is what I want." Keep working at focusing your thoughts positively. It is work, it isn't easy, but the rewards are great. Namaste.
Mariko Lewis-Davis (6 years ago)
I have a question? Anyone but preferably Abraham can answer....I think about myself dying all the time. Not sure if its from PTSD or not. When Im driving I feel like I'm going to get in a accident, if I'm at home I think about getting cancer and dying. Practically I feel like im going to die alot of the day. Why is this? I don't want to have these thoughts and although I shift my thoughts to life and picturing future grandkids, et, these thoughts always come back so I find myself constantly
Jay Man (6 years ago)
Jay Man (6 years ago)
Dee Westcott (6 years ago)
Every time I see him get up and hug her at the end, it brings tears to my eyes.. love this one!
eyeOOsee (6 years ago)
OH, HOW ABSOLUTELY HEARTWARMING!!! I've never seen anyone hug Abraham before!!!!! These vidoes are truly life changing.....I cannot thank you enough!!! May he now go back to the military and spread the law of attraction for the GOOD of all people. And I am sure he will also have a wonderful family life! Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!
Sylvia Xamanka (6 years ago)
he is a cutie pie, isn't he?? So open minded and adorable :)
G. C. Kaposvari (6 years ago)
This thing got really serious at the end. Good one.
BlissfulVortex (6 years ago)
Two thumbs up!!!
KatrinaGustavRuled (6 years ago)
That man held on to those tears in that moment but I'm sure he did cry, good for him.
Rath Wije (6 years ago)
Thanks a Lot for up Lording.Very practical theories for day to day life.
Valarie Johnson (6 years ago)
Oh wow! thank hug said it all.... what an awesome work that occurred in him! Amazing!
Allan Gildea (6 years ago)
Phenomenal. Beautiful to see communication as sincere, purposeful and eloquent as this.
Matt Robinson (6 years ago)
That was amazing!
Jindo Jandi (6 years ago)
I understand the concept, but I dont understand what she means SPECIFICALLY.
Lisa Long (6 years ago)
So right on... I cried... overwhelmed with truth. THANK YOU!
Dawn Emerson (6 years ago)
This has been one of the best examples of "awakening." What a beautiful heart he has. You can really see it. Glad he found your teachings.
Amy Evonne Thompson (6 years ago)
In the absence of what we do want, I think sometimes we are willing to settle for less than what we do want. Make sure your feelings for your partner are genuine because it is too late to take back the hurt years later when you realize it is not the one you want to spend your life with.
Goals Happen Here (6 years ago)
I adore how they use a sense of humor to communicate difficult messages!
Jennifer Charles (6 years ago)
Awesome to see this man transform before our eyes!
Efi Petrochilou (6 years ago)
N Hudspeth (6 years ago)
THIS is my FAVORITE video!!
mbrola (6 years ago)
I wish I had absored as fast as that guy - awesome!
mindrunfree (6 years ago)
The intense focus he had was mesmerizing. What a deeply moving and profound interaction! I could see how clearly he was seeking these words.
Sarah Elizabeth (6 years ago)
Cannot (don't want to) imagine my life without Esther and Abraham! They've helped me mold myself into someone who manifests things I want w very little thought and no trying. =)
STACCAS (6 years ago)
absolutelythe most honest beautiful interaction i teared up too xo beautiful man wonderful abraham and outstanding esther and jerry :)
Gayla D'Gaia (6 years ago)
I just felt this man wanted to cry and let go of all those tears. My prayers and thanks are with you, my friend!
Thank you! This just helped me alot, and came to me when i needed it the most! I remember now! Thank you Abraham-Hicks! <3
Wanda Peyton (6 years ago)
Saruman The White (6 years ago)
Touching yes. Let the good times roll, gentleman!
cest agneau (6 years ago)
that was incredible. he understood it all in those few moments. very inspiring.
toobphish (6 years ago)
Obliterating and solving are NOT synonyms; that's a military approach all right!
CathyComora (6 years ago)
Wow, this was powerful!
GhiraSima (6 years ago)
If I could say something to this guy : "Leave the Army, take your woman, go in a Holiday to the Bahamas, and never look back ! Not to worry about the rest, you're too worthy to think about, it will come, Sir ! "
Rebecca Miller (6 years ago)
This brought me to tears at the end. There's nothing more beautiful than seeing someone come to the realization that they can create their reality.
Happy Christmas Abraham!
bigdave1231 (6 years ago)
Marg OBrien (6 years ago)
Perfection personified :)
D. W. NJAGE (6 years ago)
Always refreshing watching Abraham in action. Loved the guy's energy.All is well sir!
Dawn Evans (6 years ago)
this. ... beautiful.
Ju B (6 years ago)
And we too have enjoyed this interaction immensely! That man was just beautiful inside and out...just precious. loved the gentle bear hug which dwarfed Esther
OMG, this one is so touching... :'(
Nat Doc (6 years ago)
this is one of the fastest learners I've ever seen. The second she says "The problems that you are attempting to obliterate are getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bolder. It does not work." He immediately understands being proud of 'obliterating problems' is what he's been taught to be proud of is the big lie... and he starts to tear up. Love is the answer. Not war
Alexa Weber Morales (6 years ago)
That was so beautiful and affecting. It is amazing to see how Abraham/Esther have raised the vibration of the message over the years. I think it is inevitable that as you become more skilled in LoA it becomes a question not just of "how do I get a new car" but "how do we all live better together." Love what someone said about the warrior talking with Abraham. I know someone who I wish could see this but I don't think he'd be receptive. Wonder what Abraham would say to that! haha
PerfectPhallus (6 years ago)
Sarah Elizabeth (6 years ago)
What's interesting to me, is that I sort of see Esther as a mother, a mother to everyone. I suppose it's because we are born from our mothers and more so from source. And Esther represents the source part of our emergence into the physical. So I have three moms, my mom, Esther and Abraham =) . I might send Esther a mothers day present next year... =)
1HumanKind (6 years ago)
"when the student is ready..." this one clearly was.

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