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Michael Cinco | Full Show | Haute Couture | Fashion Forward Dubai | Fall/Winter 2017/2018

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Bethany Taylor (4 days ago)
I watch these to find which dresses I'd have on the red carpet if I was a celebrity 😁
Arsenik17 (6 days ago)
The three dresses at 13:33 look like they would leave a trail of shedding sparkles where ever you went.
Joy Krishna Goswami (7 days ago)
9:1 in love 12:25 in love 12:43 in love 13:8 in love
Joy Krishna Goswami (7 days ago)
8:35 in love
Mohammad Zameer (9 days ago)
Ball gawon ki kating and isticig bataiye
Alex Dumitru (12 days ago)
9:01 îs it the dame as https://youtu.be/U8G9gnLXaCA
Preety Rajbongshi (12 days ago)
Boring show
People R. Animals (12 days ago)
The Victoria era is extremely classy🤗
bole sivaparvathi (13 days ago)
Jalal Jalal (13 days ago)
لبدلات يجننآ اكو عرب اذا انتي عربية لايك
Saint Hell (14 days ago)
Hate me but I didn't like this cameraman I could not appreciate enough any of the costumes :/
Prameow Meow (14 days ago)
8:59 Aishwarya rai sore that dress at cannes 2016
عربي لايك!.
Sharon Jones (15 days ago)
What is the song?
None of em had the Charm like Aishwarya. She looked gorgeous in his dress 😍
cadicorniche (17 days ago)
Interesting tableaux.
I Really Hate My Life (18 days ago)
If I could,I would wear those gorgeous princess looking gowns when I go to walmart
Np S (19 days ago)
These blasphemous assholes are walking all over the image painted by Michelangelo of heaven from the Sistine chapel including the depicted image of God.
Baddrie Shahidan (19 days ago)
Nouya Small (21 days ago)
A beautiful collection. I’d wear all of it
Yara frança (21 days ago)
I l9ve fashion feed♥
Diksha Rawat (24 days ago)
Very niceee
spicey_holland (24 days ago)
0:57 anyone notice that creepy sound in the music? ?
Althea Callora (30 days ago)
That look goddess
DKZ (1 month ago)
he look so ugly. when i watched miss universe their candidates mixed blood and so beautiful. he pure pinoy blood. so no wonder they only send mixed blood girls
W. Zhang (1 month ago)
Very pretty, love the blue color
nadim semaan (1 month ago)
Only one model of colour in the whole show... This is so sad, especially being that the designer has an ethnic background. The Asian Fashion industry and Asian world in general needs to progress when it comes to beauty standards.
Milaşka Aylin (1 month ago)
yumyum yumyum (1 month ago)
진짜 느낌이 좋다
glimpseofparadise (1 month ago)
He mentioned on one of his interviews that he wanted women wearing his collection to feel like princesses while walking the runway.
Trinity Loren (1 month ago)
I really like the fluffy gradation one 😍
Jacqueline 3 (1 month ago)
I love every single piece in this collection
#DraculaDUB (1 month ago)
Nice # fashionshow
shubhangi singh (1 month ago)
The dress at 9.15 gives me Cinderella vibes😍😘
Francis Eshun (1 month ago)
There is no diversity in this show no Asians no blacks or other minorities. Ridiculous especially since the designer is Philippine.shame
R. F. (1 month ago)
The fabrics and jewellery....just waow!!!
Gabriela Radita (1 month ago)
8:52 anyone know her name???
Kacey Seaden (1 month ago)
Oh my god what was the dress at 9:15 made of anyone know because I need to know for a school project! Or the one at 12:40
I i’m sunshine (1 month ago)
dress is a beautiful and beautys
Sigma Starspawn (1 month ago)
A Stunning collection. A sadness fills my heart to think that I can only see such craftsmanship from behind smoked glass. The show itself was brilliant: the choreography of the walk underscoring the sinuous elegance of the garments, the choice of venue accentuating their lines and patterns, and the half lit revue at the onset all captivated my interest
He’s a genius 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Diop Modou (1 month ago)
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hahaha hwuwowu (2 months ago)
I'm sorry all the dresses were beautiful but this one 13:14 was a big no for me. I don't like the top part at all.
Chloe MasterLove (2 months ago)
8:58 Now that is a red carpet dress how much $568,000,000? Ill take it xD
hahaha hwuwowu (2 months ago)
aishwarya rai wore that xD
Navab Khan (2 months ago)
Very nice
Ruth Nagarya (2 months ago)
Fashions in Dubai where they think women are "less than" and cover them all up with loose fitting robes and head scarfs? Other than the Oscars I have NEVER seen the wealthy with ANY of these fashions...who buys them and why and where do they go to "show them off"? Unless you have a reality show like the Kardashians...
801Milcah (1 month ago)
Dude...Dubai is a city in UAE, an open country. You are thinking of Saudi Arabia.
Lucia Gonzalez (2 months ago)
8:30 ♡
Joanna Santos (2 months ago)
13:25 i like this one
Miss Oli (2 months ago)
Long sleeve long gown is awesome! I hope they use something like this in miss universe.
في الموصل
هل هو في الموصل
Khairour Indalousi (2 months ago)
Renalyn Cahiyang (2 months ago)
Very proud that michael cinco live at once in our hometown!
Gihad Omer (2 months ago)
ي الجثث ساب يري ما هه
Pinki Sinha (2 months ago)
Every dress is elegant and unique..this is undoubtly the best fashion show i have ever seen and I want to wear all the dresses
꧂العُـنقود꧁ (2 months ago)
All the support to him since he's from the Philippines but I read from the comments that he uses animal fur and as a vegetarian this is unacceptable and makes me question the moral side of his work. You're making fashion, you should not harm any creature.
Taehyung Kim (2 months ago)
I want to wear this dresses for my prom
Ashima Pattnaik (2 months ago)
They are so sparkly
funda arslan (2 months ago)
why all models like zombies .. i mean they havent soul ..no smile no wink.. are they really alive :D( sorry for my bad english)
hahaha hwuwowu (2 months ago)
they were told not to smile
Malamid Mid (2 months ago)
I agree🤗
funda arslan (2 months ago)
+Malamid Mid already clothes looks more expensive and gorgeous i think with a smile it will be better (again sorry for my english :) )
Malamid Mid (2 months ago)
They say that no smile no wink make the clothes looks more expensive (sorry for my english too😋)
Rhaine Pesigan (2 months ago)
Very classy and elegant how i wish i cud wear that kind of dress💗💗💗
ceciLOVEtaco (2 months ago)
I love Michael Cinco's design for men . Next time please launch Men collection .
jassica莫希 (3 months ago)
Perfect disigner Disign is very importern and also many people dream can it is in the life
Manel Mamouni (3 months ago)
Mariet Breises Reyes (3 months ago)
I hope to see myself walking for his collection someday 😊😊
Soy Sauce (3 months ago)
The beginning is like a couture cult of designer assassins
priya singh (3 months ago)
Oohh so ashwariya dress belongs to here...
Safa Noori (3 months ago)
Wow i want it this derese😀😀
Ella hugur (3 months ago)
He actually knows what we need
Ella hugur (3 months ago)
I want these
Poulomi Hari (3 months ago)
My heart would skip a bit every single time a model walked out with one those breathtaking gowns..... Disney should do everything to get Michael Cinco design their Disney princess gowns. They should sell disneyland if they may, but they damn should buy at least one of Michael Cinco's designer gowns.
بنت الشيوخ (3 months ago)
اكو عرب بالطياره
بنت الشيوخ (3 months ago)
احبت التااثيرات الجماليه بشده
silja lin (3 months ago)
This is pretty much the most beautiful fashion show I've ever seen. Those dresses are wedding dress material - doesnt even matter that they're not white.
hehe haha (3 months ago)
Dress in the thumbnail at 9.03
Rose Thompson (3 months ago)
All the design from michael cincos collections are incredibly amazing..
Micah Ignacio (3 months ago)
Wow all designs so amazing 😱😱😍😍😍😍😍
Shut Up (3 months ago)
Micheal Cinco: I Hope I Could Be One of Ur Models So that I can Wear Ur FASHION MAGICAL Dresses😊 GreetingsFrom: PH/Your Kababayan hehe
ChumChums (3 months ago)
8:34 me entering the gates of hell
hahaha hwuwowu (2 months ago)
same 😂😂😂
Annette Nale (3 months ago)
Beautiful 😍
Janamay Bolisay (3 months ago)
Stephanie Ann (3 months ago)
Riya Keisham (3 months ago)
let me choose only one😱
lollipop princess (3 months ago)
modern medieval with a touch of diamonds I notice an era progression. The color story and style is so put together.
Sha Dv (3 months ago)
Now, this is fashion. Not the half nude, fully revealing nearly naked crap supermodels wear in the name of fashion.
sky monsoon (3 months ago)
Everything was so perfect until I saw the dead animal. Disgusting
Maggie Jaehnig (3 months ago)
Did the men escape from the 17th century?
Navya Chandrika (3 months ago)
What fabric s this.. 😬
Z Y S T (3 months ago)
Needed this ☺️☺️
Priyanka Aaluwalia (3 months ago)
Similar hai... Just look alike Aishwariya's dress
helllyeah (3 months ago)
Its _Yna (3 months ago)
3:32 Thought she was Emma Watson
Nusrat Fattah (3 months ago)
just woooow!!!!
Miss QueenyB (3 months ago)
Stunning collection!
Francine Konguep (3 months ago)
His dresses give a feeling of class and royalty. I believed that a woman will feel like a queen in those dresses
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J E ss E Y (3 months ago)
This is better than Gucci and those "high end" brands with their ugly clothes. I loved every piece
Nan M (3 months ago)
A hint of victorian era but modernized, beautiful, elegant, sophisticated. LOVE! ❤
ARMY ARMY (4 months ago)
Please stop skinning animal furs . It makes me sad having the thought that animals are skinned alive :<

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