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World's Toughest Military Training will leave you totally CRUSHED.

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fridolin valentine (2 hours ago)
This train is vary normal in Nepal
fridolin valentine (2 hours ago)
This is so easy for Nepali .. gorkha army is the best in the world
Akumar Villa (4 days ago)
Soft , srilanka, vietnam, somalia, iraq, way tuffer
Jimmy Loco (4 days ago)
They all sound braindead but look like gods
sanjay kumar (5 days ago)
Manmohan Singh (11 days ago)
I also have to become a soldier
Manmohan Singh (11 days ago)
I also have to become a soldier
katherine arca (12 days ago)
I think putting your toothpaste back to its tube also hard hehehehehe
Ramesh Surve (15 days ago)
AshDude 989 (15 days ago)
Men souls will be shaken wih the violences of war
Than_X Gaming (20 days ago)
Tough training makes tough people.
Sofros (21 days ago)
Adicqua ellis (22 days ago)
this is intense..?
FuryMachine (24 days ago)
dude, all that people that screams...
FuryMachine (24 days ago)
11:40 I feel bad for that guy
This is not the toughest military training. Watch the scout ranger philippine training documentary.
Yannase Wilson (29 days ago)
Can you read my language 7512 4027 83 5629 not anwser And btw do not press read more What did I say
Ligma Balls (30 days ago)
I did this. In my past life
Matt Garcya (24 days ago)
Niña Jean Berro (1 month ago)
Lol toughest? Pls watch filipino airborns
ted harry (1 month ago)
SASR is physical and psychological torture. The 3 week selection course is designed for failure. Hardened soldiers cry. Guys complete it on broken bones. Expect to lose 15% of your bodymass in the last few days, and that's just the entry. The real training goes on for 18 months. They are literally made into a one man army. 2 soldiers alone were put on standby for Desert storm but not deployed, which gives an idea of how elite these guys are.
margie antaran (1 month ago)
I know how hard it is,,, I have two sons in the US Army,,,
Jazz V (1 month ago)
Doesn't look so hard, just uncomfortably wet
Rishav Raj (1 month ago)
*Any Pubg player*
Kari H (1 month ago)
Bruh we did this in football 😂
Anna Becker (1 month ago)
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Nice army
Seems pretty easy to me
Desret Fox (2 months ago)
arnt they the same bitches that were crying like whores during the Iraqi war? LOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOL
Summer Capo (2 months ago)
And don’t be saying anything if you haven’t went through it or experienced boot camp because they work their buts off for you
Summer Capo (2 months ago)
Sorry to let all you people know but the marine corps has the hardest boot camp training in the US not other branch is that hard
Zachary Dutton (1 month ago)
Ummmmm Navy seals, Army Special forces, USCG?
Eyad Tawfeek (2 months ago)
Thats nothing .
Skepsi (2 months ago)
I would gladly join the military. Any day.
Victoria Green (2 months ago)
Who else realized that half of it was a video game
Victoria Green (2 months ago)
I do the ropes in gymnastics
Victoria Green (2 months ago)
Is it wired that this is not had I do it for sports dance and when we go in our Creek sports:football, field hockey,softball,soccer Don't hate on all the sports including FOOTBALL
Dyosorkan (2 months ago)
If you think this is the toughest, just watch the French Foreign Legion.
pan Panther (2 months ago)
U guys need to see Indian para Commando training .
Ryan Perry22 (2 months ago)
These guys working hard and me in a bed lol
Advanced P.E CLASSES
whenever wherever (2 months ago)
Man I'm fucked if I join 😨😱
Isabella Heart (2 months ago)
And I think one math test is hard....
Leslie Ramirez (3 months ago)
I want to join the military any one else??
kannoli _Canary (3 months ago)
Where is this place? I've been thinking and I'm going to be doing military training in 3 yrs. This looks like a good place. Anyone know the name?
MadMonkey 0881 (3 months ago)
Ehh not that hard. I'm joining the military soon and right now I'm watching a bunch of different videos and I'm training myself for awhile
Micah Bell (3 months ago)
MadMonkey 0881 I’ll be sure to visit your grave the day after your first training session.
Petros Komninos (3 months ago)
6:37 hair gel i laugh
neiljuice (3 months ago)
where is this?
Edvic Z1 (3 months ago)
Edit: does anyone do harder training than this besides me
Edvic Z1 (1 month ago)
+Zachary Dutton ok
Zachary Dutton (1 month ago)
Why do they have females in their army?
That's weird
Luis Paredes (3 months ago)
Cause our females actually have rights and they’re tough enough to be in war, your country needs woman to particularly in making the country better
What the Fuck Americans are so soft
Rodrigo Mirra (3 months ago)
This is how you get a real man
Nelzkie anime (3 months ago)
In my country Philippines our training is a real combat between the NPA militant and terrorist group.
Youth Manual (3 months ago)
I m confused how some men looks like women lol...
*Drifty * (3 months ago)
Youth Manual because some of them are 👌👌👌👌
Route 1 (3 months ago)
Captain America: Hold my shield
Soccer Loco (4 months ago)
That 1st american training looks not any different from my soccer practice lol😂jk.
mals cagonibure (4 months ago)
Hold my beer. Give me my beer back.
qureesho qaali (4 months ago)
I dont know why im crying😢😢😢😢!!
Happy John (4 months ago)
0:39 Lol, a woman 9:47 PM 10/3/2018
FuryMachine (24 days ago)
why lol, a woman
David Lopez (4 months ago)
Is that what they be doing for 10% off on Starbucks
Luis Paredes (3 months ago)
David Lopez and a free V6 Camaro
Willy Pete (4 months ago)
Women in rangers.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
Sanket Kabadi (4 months ago)
NinjaVlog s (4 months ago)
i thought military was a place where everytime you dont say *yes sir!* you have to drop down and give yourself 20 pushups
Paul O'D (5 months ago)
What are they doing better or harder than any infantry regiment across the world? I don't get it?
Abdul Kalam (5 months ago)
It is like PUBG in real life
Abdiraqib Muhumed (5 months ago)
2:11 is what do for punishment
Prajwal Petwal (5 months ago)
Go watch the video of Para SF Commando India training ! You will know the toughest
Nazeem Khan (21 days ago)
wahi country jahan say khana na milny ki shikayat arahi ha?😂😂
Summer Capo (2 months ago)
Prajwal Petwal this says our country
Doug Peterson (5 months ago)
This kinda goes the same way football does, it would be awesome to be in the Army or the nfl but the worst part is all the conditioning and practicing
christianangelo tabayan (5 months ago)
it is not as difficult at scout ranger training in the philippines, these guys are soft...
Zachary Dutton (1 month ago)
christianangelo tabayan this is probably coming from some skinny kid who just watches YouTube
poopy head (5 months ago)
Definitely not the toughest
Ray Price (6 months ago)
Nope. Just a lot of yelling. Events are basic PT. USMC 66-69, 75th Ranger, 10th SFG, (CW3 Ret)
NotYourAverageGamer 2008 (6 months ago)
Praveen Geeshan (6 months ago)
This is so easy watch how mahason force is training.
Steven Kenny (6 months ago)
Hahahah come see indonesian military training. u will become paralyzed hahahahha
Nill Parmae Nill Parmar (6 months ago)
જય જવાન જય ભારત
a b (6 months ago)
Come on this is nothing
Brianna Angell (7 months ago)
ik what I'm singing up for so ill be prepared
kamal khatiwoda (7 months ago)
First see of gurkha https://youtu.be/L2ZXpV5-xI4 and say which is hard
Decimus (7 months ago)
Malaysia’s training is more f*cked up
Bittu Machhiwal (8 months ago)
A like this training
Malang (9 months ago)
ahahahahhaa is this toughest ever?
Whatever i say It hurts (10 months ago)
Title should be training to kill innocent kids in Syria
The Boss Tex 117 (10 months ago)
This looks tough, but I feel like this isn’t the hardest military training out there.
Horny Pervert (10 months ago)
DARPA has the toughest training ever. Average soldiers would never complete it.
HINDI KHABRI NEWS (1 year ago)
Ahmed Khan (1 year ago)
If someone really wants to see toughest then come Pakistan
INDIAN NSG (1 year ago)
see Indian para commando training
Muhammedhabib Sawaneh (1 year ago)
I'm 18 one day I want to be like them
brian thiong'o (1 year ago)
Lol,,,if this soldiers ever tried a field battle with north korean soldiers they would definately be fucked real hard by all those flying kicks and karate manuvers hahaha,,,they should undergo mental and physical torture excercise to endure the environment in the real battle field,,,but with this kind of training that's why most of them cry 'i wanna go home to my mommy' whenever they are in a real combat zone
Doughnut (1 year ago)
those aren't even real soldiers
Doughnut (1 year ago)
that must be the nicest drill sargeant ever
Trump (1 year ago)
I do this in my sleep these guys are pathetically weak
jptianzon (1 year ago)
tf why?????????????????????
Team Shot Hero (1 year ago)
So, football practice?
Romi Sh (1 year ago)
Cmon man i expected more
PTI Updates (1 year ago)
You will forget this training when you will see SSG Commandoes of pakistan..! The most deadliest force in the world..!
anita choudhary (1 year ago)
Seems like they are all drunk
Joshua18A0370 (1 year ago)
People saying this is not tough, see it this way, they had 1-2 hours of fucking sleep and were continuously working all day. So all the things in this video were 20x harder and I bet y'all pussies wouldn't make it past a day in RASP.
Victoria Oladokun (1 year ago)
It is a very standard training.More Greece to your efforts.
Victoria Oladokun (1 year ago)
It is a very standard training.More Greece to your efforts.

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